Thursday, 4 March 2010


I phink that we ave been hearin a lot of talk recently bout hats and coats, wot wiv all the weather we ave been avin an that. Today, I phink I shall tell you bout ower coats with the elp of some friends of mine.

Border Terriers has a double coat, yes we do. It do ave a tough waterproof top layer and a soft undercoat for warmth. This is very sensible I phink an is more practical than....oh I don't know....say hooman skin. There are a few Borders which have either no or just a sparse undercoat. Ow sad for dem.

When the fur do get long we does look like this....

...and can be mistaken for teddy bears and ovver household pets.

It do be important to always looks after that air well. A Border should never be bathed unless in a dire emergency, which do never exist if you arsk me. The top coat is waterproof and shampoo, even the mildest, can remove the oil. Once the oil is removed, the coat will not be water resistant and will pick up dirt far more easily. Far better just to use luke warm water with no shampoo or detergent at all. Better still, does not bovver to bathe us and juss old your nose. You will phank me for dat advice I tell you.

Of course, eventually, we does ave to ave a aircut cos the ladies do expect it of us and we like to look smart an also be cool when it do get ot (this bit only outside UK of course). This we call strippin. I fink dis is very different from lots of dogs, who just brushes their coats or uses a device to cut it. This is painless and quick. Not so for us.

When the top coat is ready to strip yore dog will develop a partin down his back, and if a few hairs are grabbed, they can easily be pulled out. Remember a Border Terrier is hand stripped. Yup, the air is pulled out by the roots. This is why we has a reputation for bein tuff dogs. I give you a minnit to let dat sink in.

This doggie here, what is my good pal Lexie, is ready to be stripped even tho er coat is keepin er warm in da snow...

The best way to learn strippin is to get an experienced Border Terrier person to show you ow. Alternatively, some people duzz not bovver wiv all dat and just start grabbin and yankin at their dog. They finds that the work is ard and tiring for their ands and some stops half way fru. I phink dat Lexie can show you ow problematic this can be....

And this little man say "dont's stop dere mum!!"...

Never, never clip a Border Terrier’s coat.....cos you end up lookin like Lola...

This will leave the roots of the dead hairs behind and will affects the growth of the new hairs. The result will be a horrible tangled soft mess. Also, I am telled by hoomans "Do not use stripping knives" which can cut the hairs, these will also leave the dead roots and part of the hair behind. Lola has just been stripped for the first time, but dat was by a very experienced lady who was her breeder and knos how to deal wiv unruly children, ahem...

We might makes a fuss an it might be ard work, but Hoomans you juss have to grin and bear it. When the hoomans has finished their works, there is one half of dog in one hand and other half in the other hand. Ollie and Basil does deomnstrate ere....

In the end tho, it do be worth it. Looks how bootiful Lexie look now. Likes a supermodel....

But, I has a warnin for hoomans. This is not funny!

Next week: hats & accessorizin wiv beige.

If any of my pals has strippin stories and photos then I say for them to leave comments for us.

Marley Da Vida Loca.....woof


  1. I think this makes me even more happy to be a baboon!

  2. Very cool post Marley(pun intended!)

    It was very interesting too. I didn't know that Border Terriers got their fur stripped. Cockers are also supposed to be hand stripped on their backs especially which most groomers do not know. It makes for a much softer coat! And is about the only way to thin out a Cockers "feathers"!

    Of course you do look awfully cute as a teddy bear!....snicker...

  3. You is so wise Marly. I agree hoomans should just hold they noses instead of gibbing us bafs. As far as the strippings (OWIE!!!!!), I has an ideer. How bout just leaving the unnercoats and topcoats alone and just clipping around your eyeballs so you can see and no run into things? And they can hold they noses while they clipping around your eyeballs. Would that werk for ya?

  4. Fanks for that Marley. My typist sez she did not no all that and did wonder how to strip dawgies. She sez she is sending me to the kennelz where I go on my holz cos they do stripping there. I not had a barf yet but did get sum washing cos I roled in foxes poo! xx

  5. First I shave you, then I THWOCK you little puppy!!! heh heh heh

  6. You are very smart to know all that Marley.

  7. OMD now mum is gonna start plucking my furs out too. The persian pussies used to prefer being plucked to being brushed and combed. I gets clipped & thinned out at the groomers, but it takes a while for me to grow nice soft furs again. I also gets furminated sometimes. I likes growing my hair though coz I's a girlie! xx Teagan xx


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