Thursday, 26 May 2011

NOT the Super Injunkshun

Ello for you. I fink if you haz been livin in the UK this week or followin our news then you will kno that Twitter do be subject of much discusshun. Sum peeple haz been sayin that it do not be a good fing sumtimes and is dangruss and peeple is usin it to brake the lore. [libellous section removed]

I fink sum of you wot do know me do kno that I do ave lots of border terrier pals on twitter and we do use it as a way of meetin ovver doggies and makin pals and keepin border terriers in touch wiv each other (*pendin the Rapture after which we will be takin over your fridges and other fings...)

So yesterday, I did decide to see how good Twitter is by sayin my border terrier pals that I be doin a blog about the BT posse and would they mind sendin me a foto of themselves doin sumfing wot I can use ere. So, now we is writin this blog less than one day later and I fink you gonna see ow manee of our chums haz come to our under 24 hours.....

Marlee, wot is you doin?
My pal, Reilly (who is @reillycripps) was one of the first who did respond and I fink you can see he might ave a few kwestions about wot I is up to....

Kwite bizzee akshully
Molly Brooke (@lou_brooke) was a bit bizee wiv lookin after the babies but she did find a few seconds to send me a snap.....and her sister Pixie was quite keen to get involved too..

Pixie, reportin for dooty

....and was very well behaved for a liddle pup....we did also get some of the newest members of the posse to partissypate....ere is Pup Platoon....

Holly @borderterrorhol

Sam @samwisegamgee2

Bella @ruffmutts
....all doin fine werks. Of corse, sum peeple did fink we needed more than just a foto for their Posse ID Badge and has sended us some shots of the posse in akshun....

Alfie "doin ball" (@tobyandalfie)

Jasper (@jasper_pup) hazzin noms

Louis (@thehairyhoacher) gettin clean

Zoe (@zoetheborder) stealin from a bear

.....of corse others was takin a slightly more relaxed approach to fings.....

Midge (@midgeeymoo) "is" Tommy Cooper

Murphy (@no1border) is a bit shy

Ted (@tedloveschicken) turnin relax up to 11...!

Barney, probbly finkin bout cookin of @lickedspoon

@borderpup: Indie, a filosopher

Dora (@dorabt) plannin future escapades

 ....but others was just appy showin up for dooty.....

Molly (@molly_terrier) not life-sized

Monty (@montythedog) best-dressed hound

Mr Pip (@piprufus1) cross after strippin

Smudge (@smudgebt) wiv sun in his eyes

Stewie (@jonesgirl_3) sooper attentive to posse matters

Basil (@taratommyjas) reportin to HQ

Bracken relaxin (@poptart65)

Bride (@bridietheborder) possibly wiv mind on baconnaise

Dolly (@babzb01) showin her best side

Ernie (@ernietheborder) keen to elp

Frankie (@jonesgirl_3) after disposin of Santa

Grissom (@grissom_walker) definitttly want to be inclooded

Kelso (@kelsoterrier) reportin in from da garden

Mojo (@mojoborder) has seen the after-blog noms

.....of corse, sum doggies did bring their pals and we haz em comin in two by two......

Frankie & Stewie sneakin in a second time

It's Ginger n Mac (@borders2) beamin in from Oz

Ollie and Da Griff (@thegobros) showed up from Canadia

Ted an Isaac (@realjoannek) interrupt their oliday to be wiv us

......and yet more haz been queuing up for ours just to get a seat at the table.....

Lottie (@perilous44) wants to sit rite up front

Twiglet (@thetwiglet) made it despite a poorly leg

Wylie is here. He's Zoe's brofur an I luv him (pssst, he's not a BT)

Bertie (@diamondbertie)

Luvvly Darcy Brookes (@darcyborder)
Ruffy, hairy and here (@ruffy_the_bt)
....and we do reserve a speshul place next to me for my old pal Diesel (@tattooed_mummy) cos he did recently lose his sister Jeep over the bridge and we haz been worryin about him.....

So glad you could make it my pal

 ....and last but not least I am bungin in Broono (@brunotheborder) cos he did so want to be ere wiv his pals but I fink mum was avin trubble findin his foto.... I stoled one from his internets.....and here's another....

....ha ha, that's a diffrunt Bruno.....he's not a border terrier but he rilly is ansome so i am puttin him in here cos I be makin the rools (Broono 2 do liv wiv @samdavey23 who is a great twitter pal of mine)...

Sooooo.....I fink you be seein that Twitter do be a good fing and I do recommend wiv 5 Marlee Stars....


p.s. If you did send me a foto and I did forget you then pleez do get in touch and i can amend. I had lots of fotos and I is worried I might haz forgot you...

p.p.s If you did not ave time to send me a foto cos you dint see the original tweet then you send I one now and I bung you in at the end (you kno who you is @dogstoyevsky....and others) (*ooops, now see below)


Rohan (@rohanthedog) has already asked for a late pass and has presented a propply documented apologee for not bein ere earlier...

Oooops, I had forgotted that Lexie dun already sent me a pikshur by DM so now I am puttin it ere.....I'm gonna be in big trubble....

@dogstoyevsky bringin ome the bacon
.....sorry Lex!!

And now the famblee wont to get is my dad, Rocky....

...but he do not tweet except fru my sister @issiebissy....

Islay.....tuffest terrier
Phew! There was some dawgs who was quite disappointed to be missing from the post so I am bringin them to your attenshun this mornin......

Yogi (@yogi_bt) wonderin wot the fuss is
Millie (@selinabrid13) coverin the patio sector
Reggie (anniegolightly)

....we did only meet little Reggie yesterday cos his mum did see the post when it first went up. Welcome to the posse Reggie!!....but he is not alone

Chip (@chip2007) has brort ice for drinks...

Charlie (@isabelashdown) from Mountain Platoon

Daisy (and firends) come wiv @inklingprints
Impi (@impibrdrterrier) interruptin time at the park

....and we also do ave speshul menshun for our pall Millie wot do liv wiv @wallprice cos she was unable to come cos she has speshul dooty lookin after her new brofur Isaac....IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENSHUL YOU CLICK ON DAT LINKY!!

....and as for me, well....I am still in trubble wiv Lexie....

Vote of no-confidence from @dogstoyevsky

....and now Lora who do be @licklepickle did remind me to post this pick of her Hendrix, me, Lola an Ernie from borderfest....

...fink dats it....

NO IT ISN'T.....we forgot Buckley who do live wiv impawtant media person @sarahchampion....

Buckley: on manoovers


  1. Adorable~! What a posse! ♥

  2. that posse iz gonna rool da werld! Hyooston, we haz a pwoblem. Attenshun cats of da werld! We haz a sitchewayshun here!

  3. I have lots BT friends on Twitter. Yoos all is takin over the world, one tweet at a time! BOL Glad us terriers stick together so I won't have to scrap with the whole posse.
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  4. altho not a BT (obv), I think this blog is PAWSOME and I would like to ask you Marley, when will you make a book? Fanks. From mrsdog.

  5. WOW, dat be a great photo exhibit Marley! I fink is perfect, except for picture of Wylie (just jokin'...erm, sort of.) How excitin' to be feashured on yer bloggy! I has hired top (top=free) PR expert (expert=has done it before) to help posse prepare fur all da media interview request dat are no doubt comin' shortly.

    Great werk by Twitter's #1 BT (dat's you, Marley).

  6. Wowzers! What a lot of BT's. They are all lovely.

  7. Awe Marley, youz blog is awesom - youz should be known as de king of de blogs or for short De K o De B

  8. Love the pictures Marley. Thank you so much for posting. My 3 year old granddaughter and I loved looking at your blog. We live in Virginia and really don't see any Border Terriers here, but we think you are all really cute.

  9. Marley, you have so many pals, what happened to Lola, was she busy in the kitchen gettin the noms ready?

  10. A bevy of Bootalicious BTs it,Babes xxxx Nuzzzzawuzzzes

  11. Holy smokes, I had no idea there were so many tweeting BTs! What a great post!

  12. Love it! But I need to know more about Border Fest! An invitation for Buckley would be lovely next time... Sarah xx

  13. eeek we iz not bean on twitter for while n when we iz on it went all pete tong can i iz please add photo of poppydog aka @valentineslady

  14. OMD! That's a LOT of photos of tweeting dogs! I wonder if there's a Shih Tzu posse out there for me... Or better yet, a squeaky TOY posse!

  15. We have never been on Twitter, I reckon it's about time Zack tweeted!!!!


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