Friday, 28 October 2011

Jurassic Park

Ello for you. It do be me, Marlee. I ope you dint forget about me juss cos I wasn't here for quite a long time. I am ere a bit now by accident really cos it has been a bit of a dramatic week for me.

On Sunday, we did go and see our pals Pam, Tony, Nirav, Ishaan and Sahin in Harpenden. They haz been our friends since Willium was born almost 14 years ago. We did go on a pawsome walk wiv dem by the river but mum was worried that I was lookin a bit slow an draggin behind everywun. Owever, I am quite well known for this and dad just ang about at the back wiv me and encourage me along. He did  notis I was stoppin a lot and sniffin the airs wiv my snout. So far, no dramas.

We did leave Arpenden and got ome bout 7 o'clock and I was nappin on the sofa wiv dad and he notiss that I was pantin  a bit but he dint fink nuffin of it. We lied about wotchin telly until bout 9 o'clocks and then they was startin to get worried cos I was still pantin and stickin my snout up in the air and sniffin. Eventually mum decide enuff is enuff and she call the ermergency vet line and they did say me to come to mergency vet in East Molesey, wot be bout 10 miles away from our ouse.

At dis point all hell break loose and peeple is rushin about and stuffin the familee in the car and dad conduct high-speed dash across the county. Fankfully, it was Sunday night and there wuz no one on the roads excpet for some slow coaches who do soon see our rescue mobile flyin past.

We got to East Molesey Vets at bout 10.30 and who do you fink was waitin to greet me at the door?

Yup, they haz a border terrier to greet their payshunts. He was called Gaucho and seein him did cheer up the familee no end. I was taked away by the vet and when she did come back she say me that I haz a lot of flooids on my lungs and a heart that was racin too farst and I need urgent meddysin so I haz to stop over night. While she was doin some tests on me Gaucho did keep everywun entertained...

Game of footballs?
Pleez administer wuzzes if it make you feel better...

In the mornin, the familee come back and the nice lady vet, who be called Megan I fink, say that I haz had meddysin to take away flooids from the lungs but she dussnt yet kno the cause - is mebbe eart disease, newmonia or other fings. Owever, she dint be able to treat my racin eart cos she was worried bout lungworms and the eart meddysin might not have been good wiv dat too. She send me on my way wiv the familee to Ashtead to see our usual vet at the marvellous Ashtead vets...they is always so nice to me there.....

Home from ome
They did say me I seem stable and the other ospital done all the right fings but I needs to go and see sumfing called a cardiologist at a speshul ospital for chekkin out my eart cos it do not be lookin good so I am soon on my way to a pawsome vet ospital wot be called North Downs Specialist Referrals where they haz many clever vets....and they duz be givin me a MRI scan to see wot be the problem wiv me....

Cardiganologist at werk....
 ...and mum and dad do be waitin nervously to see wot be the verdic....

Here come the syence.....
...and the nice man, Simon, do say me I has a problem wiv my eart wot be called mycardial valve stenonsis....wot in English mean that one the bits of my eart do not werk propply and is not lettin enuff blood fru but I haz been born wiv it. This do not sound like good news to me. But then he say me that he haz also find sumfing else....I haz swallowed sumfing and I needs a operayshun to get it out of me and probbly in swallowin it the fing has mebbe scraped on my eart as it goin past and this is wot has made my eart go all racey and unwell....can you guess wot is the fing I haz swallowed?....

Yup, I haz swallowed a toy dinosore wot be ard an plastic and pointy. We dussn't know ow I haz done this cos I do not be a chewer and it do not be one of ower toys. We fink mebbe I haz found it in the park and eated it....but no one do explains how I has swallowed it ole (it haz no teef marks in it). Lola did not take the news well... Simon the Cardiganologist do say me I haz to stay in the ospital and ave the operayshun cos my eart is under controls wiv all the meddysin and he dussnt fink there be extra risks for surgery cos of my condishun. So I is avin the op but I dussnt be that appy bout it...cos it be my third op in a year after avin my teef done an also my cataracts in January

Again? Rilly?
The familee is very worried bout me and I see they duz be close to tears but also they is finkin the doctors and nurses do all seem very nice and they kno the operayshun is the only fing to do cos the dinosore is not comin out on his own and it dussnt be sensible to leave him case he do grow and swallow me ole...

Not operatin in time carry its own risks...

I dussnt really remember much bout the op but I do kno all my pals is finkin bout me and dad say me that I haz undreds of nice messijs from my pals and my speshul chum little Alfie (@alfielulu) did even send me some bloons to cheers me up....

..and I see from twitter that all my pals do be waitin and watchin over me from #marleysporch which is makin me feel safe an appy. It do be mazin ow peeple I dint never meet do be worried bout me.

The operayshun is a complete success and the ospital phones up to say I am doin well and tryin to stand up and I can mebbe come ome the following day. The nex day after the op mum and Willium come to see me and I manages to haz a snak...

Noms, for medical reezens
 ...and to wander outside for chekkin peemail....

Bit wobbly

...but I dussnt quite be up to leavin the ospital yet cos they needs to be chekkin my eart doesn't stop so I takes a  long nap overnight and before you kno wot is appenin I am on my way ome to see the familee. Even Lola do be pleezed to see me I fink. I am very glad to be back and I do send big fanks to all my pals wot did rally round and keep the familee feelin cheerful. Is trooly amazin ow much peeple is followin my antics. I ope I dint worry no one too much.

I am ome now and takin it easy. I dussn't be loud to walk or run or jump for two weeks and I haz a big, bald shaved tummy wot be cold in this wevver. But my problems be only tempry ones (apart from my weak eart which we do ave to wotch now) and some doggies got bigger issues to deal wiv. That is why dad is running 1,000 miles for raisin munnee for The Dogs Trust. Lots of luvvly peeple did leave him some munee when they did read bout my plight and if anyone do want to make a donayshun then there is a linky up on da right side of dis blog or click HERE aswell. It would make me appy to fink some doggies was elped wiv their problims. I am lucky and haz a familee wot got a ouse and muneee for lookin after me but not everypaw is so lucky.

I am goin now for my napz....

Marley...cheater of deff


  1. Fankkk oooo you is my speshial pal too.... I iz glad u iz betta but beee careful my pal. No mooor eatin dinasors

  2. Take it easy my pal. Make sure you get plenty of belly rubs - that will get the fuzzy growing back again.

  3. We have missed you Marley. Sounds like you and your family have been through quite the ordeal and you all need to rest and recuperate. Take it easy and no chasing those pesky squirrels for a while we want you around for many more years to come.

  4. OMD Marley, you woz almost deaded! I woz so worried even tho you woofed you be OK on my bloggie. Still, hearing about it furstpaw do be different. I wonner if'n that die-no-sore woz planted by the skwerrels. But Marley, dude, die-no-sores duss not taste like chickun! They be bad, bad, bad. But, gess it woz good it happened so you got to see the cardiganologist wot makes your ticker all better. My sis Dixie goes to a cardiganologist and has lived to be 12 so far when she woz supposed to be deaded when she woz 6 coz of her bad ticker. So hoping the cardiganologist makes you stay around fur a long, long time. But no more die-no-sore nomming, k?

  5. So glad that you have found the time to record your brush with death for posterity.The world has been holding its collective breathe for news of Marley. We are all delighted to hear from you again and even more delighted that you are recovering. Stay safe my pal. Don't overdo it.

  6. Marley Iz din't no you wuz in da hopsital! I did go there to an they made me cured but I still hates it there. Its good you iz home an betters but Iz werried bowt your heart, you keep it helthy pleeze so you can play wiv all yer furrends cuz we luvs you!

  7. Marley pal it iz so gud dat you be home wif yur famlee now...Iz Lola bein' eggstra speshul nice to you...I sure hope so!

    Mau & I iz sending you all our best healing thoughts & *snoogles* fur to help you get better soon

    Love frum GizmoGeodog & MauKitteh

  8. Deer Marlee, we duz be so glad dat yoo be ome and wivout that orrid dinosore in yoor tummee. We did be vry worried bout yoo but we duz be glad to see yoo again even if it waz in bad circ..circum...times! Dont be go eatin eny more dinosores or anyfing like it. Plastick is not gud for yoo my furend. Get well soon Marlee. Westie licks for yoo. from Me and Moo xx

  9. Awww Sweetie - I'm sorry I didn't know you was in the hospital either and having surgery. I would have been sitting on your porch too. I'm so extra happy dat you wrote this in your bloggy so I know now and very very happy dat you are doing better and are home with the fabily. You are one brave girl to go thru all dat. Love you sweetie. I'm purring for you sweetie and have you in my pawprawers. purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr

  10. Someone give this dog a publishin deal! Rilly luv the blog Marley, just sorry you had to go fru all that. Hope your lovely heart is going from strenf to strenf xx

  11. Dear Marley
    Pictures of your tummy have delighted the veterinary community, as did your description of the cardiganologist.
    We're all so relieved you're OK and up to blogging some more.
    Whilst perhaps it might be best to steer clear of dinosaurs altogether, if you really can't resist them, next time you're compelled to swallow a small dinosaur you should try something less spiky like a diplodocus. We have a very nice book in the waiting room called 'How to keep dinosaurs', which is more about looking after them rather than eating them, but might give you some useful pointers
    Best wishes from us all
    Ashtead Vet Centre

  12. Oh dear Marley! you don't do things by arf do you! We have been really worried about you-so pleased you are on the mend (and back blogging).We went to Whitby this week and by chance 6 borders stopped to look in shops on one corner and we did mention you-licks and paws-Archie and Lottie xxx

  13. Hello Marley,
    Missed you buddy.
    You take care, no chasing squirrels for a bit.
    Only eat round or sausage shaped things in the future.
    Arf, Monkey and Jimmy

  14. Hey there Marley, glad to hear you're back home n on the mend. We fink that mebbe you should just eat foodables wot gets put in your bowl from now on, no more hunting and gathering on your own time. Be careful, n hi to Lola too, bet shes glad you're home.

  15. we dus al be reely pleesd yoo is ome an gettin betta marly .. strokes .. strokes .. an i dusnt say nuffing bowt th pink kone. alrite.

    umm .. did yoo get to bring th dynosor ome wiv yoo aswel.

    luvs from henry

  16. How terrifying! So glad you're on the mend and no longer have a dinosaur trying to eat its way out of your stomach. Girl LOL'ed at your photo of the Cardiganologist. I love your blog and was very worried when I first heard the news. Cheers to being happy and healthy!

  17. Oh Marley,what a terrible time you have had and you have been sooooo brave.We agree with Shawnee that those pesky squirrel critters probably planted that dangerous dinassour thing.Here in Scotland the varmits are running about in their hundreds emptying conker trees,they run along the fence at our back door and Bonnie has to be on squirrel patrol all the time.Steven Speilberg should come and film them,I don't know if he has heard of your almost fatal brush with death.Hope your family have got a nice wee coat for you,cause you must keep your baldy belly warm,Bonnie had a baldy belly once and it was awful cold.Love and licks.

  18. Marley
    What a scary week you and your humans had. I am so glad you are okay and that you are getting A1 treatment. Like many of your pals, we joining a #pawcircle and sat on #Marleysporch willing you to get better and it worked (plus all the good work from the three vet clinics).

    We have been to North Downs Referrals too. That's where Little Peter, our foster kitten has been going. They have saved his poorly eye. They are fantastic (but expensive!) We are going back there on Wednesday to see Debra, an Ophthalmic vet. We'll have a good sniff around to see if you left any peemail for us. Here's Peter's story

    Sending your nosetaps and purrs for a speedy recovery Marley.

    30 October 2011 18:03

  19. Hey Marley, great to see you back blogging again. Loved the pic of the dinosaur dog

  20. Ello for you, Marley.

    It is pawesome to have you back! Sorry to hear that you have had such an awful time. You mussn't be nomming anymore dinosores. Rest up and get well soon.

    Many, many wuzzes.

    Nic x

  21. Oh dear Marley, we didn't know you went to Hospital. We woulda been on #Marleysporch fur sure. Pixel & I are so happy that you are home and don't have a dinosaur in your tummy anymore.
    We're sending healing #pawcircles to you dear furriend.

  22. Dear Marley, what an ordeal. Good to read that you are getting better.
    Big Hugs

  23. oh marley, while I was away having fun at competitions you was really sick and I didnt know. I wish I knowed so I could send you healing wishes and sit on #marleyporch.
    But I is smiling now knowing you are gonna be fine and twitter with us more...
    huntyr (@kyba)

  24. Mr Mo is sending massive licks. we only just noticed that you are blogging again. Flippin eck we are so glad Marley is making good recovery. Sending sneaky lick for Lola too.

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