Saturday, 24 March 2012

Burfdee presents

Hurray, is typist's burfdee!! Appy birfdee to you, appy burf......wot? was last month you say? Oh.....well, today he ave finally got round to buying himself a present and he ave been testing it out on us....he ave got a new is no more same-old, same-old shots on da iBone for ave gone a bit David Bailee... might be your burfdee, but please do NOT interrupt I naps...
....was you not listening?...nap invasion do not be permitted...

....ave you seen Lola?....
...enuff! I need a pawz....
Lola:....nice one for @harryporker.... quite borin bein model innit?... one for @tedloveschicken....
.....rilly? You has been warned....
....*sigh*....k, you win....
...Yoga Dog, doin it right...
...the King survey I kingdom...
...I hear Monty barking up the road...

...huh? You is goin already?...
....*back to amusing myself....*...



  1. Ello Marlee, dat typist be metamorfin into da camra freek, I ad same problim so I az devvelopped iding places round da ouse *hides under her sewing table* Bella in Keswick

  2. Wonderful new camera. The photos turned out great.

    Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. GruffHello - fantastic 4Leg photos they are, I wish my 2Legs would swap their '4 second delay non-digital effect' for something as splendid as yours! - really loved the 'yoga' - well us Beautiful Borders need to keep our fine physique in tip top condition - and Lola, you are not, and never, ever could be, a boring model, more marvellously magnificently brilliant I believe! - really looking forward to seeing and hearing from you both again! (Barnie x)

  4. Hi dere, oh my gooderyness, I haz spyed sum fine lookin border-terriorst-ing goin on in thoze photos! YEah, eetz troo!! Love da first wun most, lookin' goooodd! P-dorg x

  5. You look very majestic in some of those. They're great pictures by the way!

  6. Eddie the Border25 March 2012 at 14:34

    Oh whot lovely photos! they rilly look fab and make you and lola look gorgeous.

    more please typist! (Happy belated birfday too)
    Eddie (& Cav).

  7. Fab-yoo-luss photos (doing my impersonation of a certain Craig from Structly Come Dancing). What great models you both are :-)

    1. oops, got my paws in a tangle... that should be "Strictly" of course...

  8. What beautiful pics!!! Happy Bday typist!!

    Your newest followers,
    Miley and Maggie

  9. Wow, thats a magic camera and are you sure thats Lola Marley? Wow, she's a gorgeous BT model fer sure. Happy Birthday to typist, you better get used to doin lots of modelling now, testin out the lightin, the darkin, the focus, the effects. Just as well you're good at nappin.


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