Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pitbull Paradise

Now.....I know wot you is finkin....pitbulls, Marley, no fanks. Well I say to you you haz to check out my pal Corbin and you gonna change your ideas about pitbulls. He is a pawsome fella....and on 4th June he is invitin us all to pawticipate in his Pitty Post project can see ow to join in wiv Corbin on his blog.....we will be doin sumfing so watch this space!!

Marley (small terrier)


  1. Aw, thanks dude! I'm so excited about this!

  2. YEP... Ernie and I are gonna have some stuffs up too. THANKS fur Helpin Corbin to help our Pittie Furends.


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