Saturday, 18 August 2012


Ello for ave been a scorchin few days ere in the sowf of Engerland....and me an Lola been wiltin in the eat....we was discussin it this mornin on twitter wiv our pals and sumone did point out that our pals at Lilys Kitchen ave said in their cooks book that is good to ave nice peanut butter flavoured ice cubes for nommin we ave sent the typist into da kitchen to ave a go...

.....we dint see the ressy-pee but we fink is just some peanut butters dissolved in water and bunged in the fridge....

...closed-curcuit security for da noms....
.....and then we is waitin for hours and hours and hours for the floopin fings to be freezin....

...haz been long enuff?
....and eventuallee they is ready and i be summoned in from my shady spots in the garden for testing....

.....wot you want?...Haz you set trap for me?

wass in da bowl then eh?....

...smells of PB.....*sniff sniff*

hmmmm....just test a tiny bit....

Er......well......fing is....

I dussnt want to urt your feelins DISGUSTIN!!

I lets Lola haz it....



  1. Now that sounds like quite a plan there my furend. No sense eating somethingy you don't like... when you can tawk somebuddy ELSE into doin it fur you.

  2. I feels the same way about PB, Marley. I would send mine ofur to you fur Lola butt I has a guest dog here in the house wot drools ofur PB so I has my own Lola here right now, BOL. Me, I will has some chicken jerky straight up, not on the rawks, and hold the PB.

  3. I do like PB but I have not had it like that! woowoowoo

  4. I likes da PB but it does give me da bad wind. A very funny and informative blog Marley!

  5. I like PB but I'm not allowed it cos of my colitis. But what I do like is some of my dinner frozen in a Kong. Takes ages of licking to get it all out!

  6. You will ave to be trying some of my gravy ice cubes - I bet they is nommy! I was going to have some for trying but the sun went away again - I is not impressed!!

  7. i finks yoo shud get th rssipy marly. then it mite be alirte if shef dus follo instrkshuns ..


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