Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little bruvver

Ello for you...this week we do be handin over our blog to our pal Scrappy Nelson (he do be @scrappyN on twitter) becos he ave done some very pawsome werk indeed.

Furst I fink he ave brort a little bit of appiness into everyfurs life wiv his very profeshunull demonstrayshun video for his new boots.....

...i fink he do ave them for his oliday...he must be gettin a week at Covent Garden....

But dussn't despair at poor Scrappy's plight. Our border terrier pals on twitter ave rallied round and given him a big pawty for his furst burfdee....

..there do be a lot of the border terrier represented there...and I fink you mite haz spotted #flatmarley in amongst the guests and also uvver flat pals who ave followed our inspirayshun to be able to attend...

We send a big fanks to dear Scrappy and his familee for hostin us all for the day. Appy burfdee pal...



  1. Marley,

    Your blog won't let me see the videos properly will you ave a word wiv it?? I as tried to growl at it, then I tried growling at typist but neither worked!!

  2. Pawesome pal! Dat video of Scrappy in boots make me chuckle every time.

  3. My mom is BOLing, errr, I mean LOLing at the video of poor Scrappy with the boots. I say call PETA - not funny, mom!

    Pee Ess - We gotted a new camera in May butt we has it on "foliage" setting rite now go show the nice fall colors so that mite be the difference you snootered out. Nuttin gets by you, Marley!

  4. Great video. Boots make the funniest footsteps and kicks -they are a must for Canada's winters tho.....they do get used to them eventually ahahahahah

  5. I got a headache reading your words. lol But its okay, I do understand. Those furry friends of ours are so adorable. They do give happiness in our lives. They spice it up.
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  6. L O mi mate Marley,
    This iz Taz. I 2 is a Border Terrierist n I liv in Dorkin (well Saaf Olmwood aktew-welly).
    I livs here wiv me typist oo I call Dad.
    I av bean reedin ur blog an feel I nos u so well. I must say u is a well addjustid Terrierist coz u like all same fings I does: snoozon, nomin, walkin, sun pudlin an chasin bloody cats.
    I 2 is one of Joolia's (we may be reelated cos I is 7). I no lots of uver Terrierists localli an many ov em is my relli's. One of me best mates is Freddi oo beelongs 2 Dad's best mate Tom oo liv in Kingswood. Freddi is me gr8 nefeew. May bee e is same age as Lola?
    I like Lola cos she mi kind of girl – keeps nickin ur chews an nomin em. Heh heh!
    Ears a pictwer of me doin wot I do best.
    I also no bout u frew anuver uman we bowf no. Melinda at Msasa is my vet 2! She tole me all abowt this Terrierist wot swollowed a dinosaw. I fort it was a wind-up cos ow can a ickle Border swallow a dino. Then I fown owt is was u! U is famouse (an also feerless dino slayer!)
    Ope 2 tawk 2 u agin b 4 2 long.
    Ur mate Taz

    1. Ello Taz my chum. Is very excitin to hear from you. I fink you mite be my older bruvver. I still see our dad, Rocky. He do live near Godalmin now wiv sum nice peeple. I dont fink I haz any way to speak wiv you so if you see this you can peemail me at marleyterrier57 at googlemail dot com woof


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