Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We haz a misshun

Hello everyone...*waves*...it's me, Clapton...

..terrier at work....

before Marley passed away we had been working on a very secret mission for Wagg Foods and our good friend Doltun, who is the doggy in charge there. We have been holding the blog back waiting for a very special date in the Wagg Foods calendar and that date has finally arrived so I have special permission to introduce to you Marley's last blog....

Ello my pals....if you be lookin to your right you will see dat I haz a shiny new badge for my blog....over there..========>........you see it?

That's right, i duss be a offishul taste tester and speshul agent for Wagg Foods wot be run by my good pal Doltun....and Doltun ave sent me mails...

...peemail from Wagg Foods....

...I fink if you can clicks on it you duss ee wot it be saying...if you dussn't do that then shawt vershun is that there is stuff comin wot I gotta do nommin and for testin it and for sayin stuff after....and like Doltun say, the pakkit did arrive the very next day...

Clapton was asked to snoopervise the receet of the box....
Lola fink she is gettin in da action...but....

.....her duss be bitterly disappointed.....hee hee..

....I arsk Clapton to see wot Doltun ave sent to us....

....hazzin to dig deep.....

.....ave found da loot....Wagg's MMMMMM treats

.....we haz to do full inventory to make sure we haz everyfing wot Doltun ave sent to us....

Ow many pakkits is there?....




Chikkin, Liver and Sammun flavours....

....Clapton is very pleased wiv dat....and me an Lola will do the testin after i was told off for bein mean to Lola as there was more than enuff to go round...

Clapton!....that duss not be yore job...

....yes, yore job is compilin syentific results....

.....of corse, there was some issues wiv gettin the test begun....

wot? radiator is warm....
Ok, I is comin....

....and here be the results.....

and da formal Border Terrier HQ marks for the MMMMMMsssss

...10 out of 10....

 ....enjoy your noms.....

....and...*DRUM ROLL*...now for da impawtant bit for you....Doltun ave said we can lets you ave a box of MMMs if you do like em....so I be sayin to you that the furst three peeple that would like to haz a box of the nommy treats just haz to send me a peemail sayin why they would like one and i will send em one for free....we haz only 3 boxes tho....my peemail be marleyterrier57 AT googlemail dot com ....gets typin my pals and all dis goodness can be yores.....i fink there be one box of each flavour....

So, that's it from me and Marley my good friends. I miss him every day and hope to make him proud by taking over his blog. I hope you will come and visit.

Woof....Clapton, Border Terrier HQ


  1. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear of Marley's passing, My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this sad time. We will all miss him.

  2. truly pawsome blog Clapton & Marley ... brought a smile to my face now i've just gotta score me some of the new biccies

  3. *wipes tears from eyeses from missin' Marley*

    That just like Marley to have super secret mission and get nommy treats and then offer to share 'em! What a pal!

    Great bloggie, Clapton. I sure hope you keep up the blog for Marley.

    *High paws*

  4. Your blog made me laugh and cry Clapton, am sure you will make Marley proud

  5. that wos reely gud claptun. wel dun .. uggs .. i shor marly dus be prowd of yoo

  6. :-( So very sorry to hear about Marley... I had a bad feeling the other day. Wishing for your family to find comfort in the beautiful memories during this time. Run free, pal. I'll see you some day.

  7. Well done little Clapton for your first blog. So happy to be reading bowt adventures at Marley HQ again

  8. Awwww Markey and Clapton - we dus luv you. Tis lovely to see you still making us laugh, though tinged with a little sadness. Bravo typist for your tenacity. Love from Roobee. I as picked anonymous cus of da secret misshun and Ii dussnt know how to week da uvvers. Xxx

  9. Sooooo sorry.

    that is some super keepin of the scyentiffic Infurmation.

  10. So sorry to hear about Marley
    Benny & Lily

  11. Great first post Clapton. x

  12. I was beyong proud to call him a member of my pack! Well done Clapton, Marley would be so proud!

  13. Run Free Marley our little brown friend. Clapton you and Lola will do a fine job keeping on with the postings. Good deduction there on the liver, that would be our 10/10 too. xx

  14. Sorry to hear about Marley - his adventures with Lola, Clapton and family made me laugh and smile in equal measure.

    Well done Clapton, for his first post and dedication to the research project.

  15. Oh I do miss Marley (sniffle), but I am so happy to see you are carrying on the blogging tradition Clapton. Maybe you could get Lola to help too?? :-)

  16. Well done Clapton for stepping up to the plate,so to speak,speshully when yore heart is heavy for Marley.
    As a ladyeee of the posse,I was wondering if dem pink boxes of Waggs treats were speshully designed for us,eh like dem pink yorkies?

  17. Very well done, Clapton! Well done to the Typist, too, for pushing on through the sadness. So glad to hear that Marley's blog will live on through you, Clapton. After all, someone has to keep an eye on Lola!

  18. *hugs Clapton* Dat was great pal, Marley would love it. I misses him every day too but am so happy dat you is carrying on his good work and keeping dat Lola under control! *paw punch*

  19. Very sorry to hear about Marley passing away. Clapton has quite a reputation to live up too...so wish him best of luck. Jake & Ben, Border Terrorists on Wimbledon Common.

  20. Well dun Clapton & Typist! a sad time but good memories to have too! we was privalidged to have met Marley and Lola in furson at Borderfest - we will miss his hoomor but sure you will have da similar purspective on life - keep smiling, hugs n licks n tail waggs - love Poppydog [aka valentineslady] and Basil and Mum - ps mum wiv tissue whilst helpin me to tywpe dis :(

  21. Heartbroken. Thoughts are with you.

  22. We are so very sorry to hear of Marley's passing :( Our thoughts are with you all.

    Tim & Paula - owned by BTs Eddie & Lola

  23. I'm terribly sorry to hear about Marley, it's been a treat getting to know him through this blog. He's been a great source of laughter since I initially came across the blog.

    Clapton has some big shoes to fill but me and Bella are sure he can do it.

    RIP Marley!

  24. Its posies mum here, we've been very busy and not been on the blog for the last couple months. Her dad helps her with her twitter account, and has only been popping on to do a quick tweet. Basically, we have just found out about Marley. We are so incredibly sorry to hear this, he was a true friend to Posie. He was a gorgeous dog and I'm sure he brought you a lot of joy. Hope you are all doing ok, you must all be hurting. Sending our love and warm thoughts - nice to Clapton though. Take care,
    Posie, her mummer and dadder xxxx

  25. I'm so sorry to hear about Marley. Never met the wee chap, but felt like we knew him well. I, and my two Borders Tess and Meg will miss his stories. Thank you for sharing him with us.
    Bernee, Meg and Tess

  26. Big Charlie hugs coming your way, for we've only just read the sad news about Marley. We love popping in to check out the Marley and Lola blog and we'll miss seeing his hairy chops and hearing about his adventures. You must miss him so very much. But we're very pleased to meet Clapton, who we're sure will do him proud. Yay for Marley! What a very special BT. Isabel & Charlie x


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