Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Woofs

Hello my friends.....before I go on my holiday tomorrow I wanted to share with you some exciting news from our friends at Dogs some of you know, I have been sponsoring three doggies through the trust.....
...Mr Ronnie, one our of sponsored dogs, has written me a will never guess what!!??....Mr Ronnie has found a furever home....he is going to live with a super family who love staffies....they live near the centre in Evesham and so he tells me he will be able to pop back to see his great friends might be able to read his letter in full if you biggify the picture by clicking on it.... I am reading Mr Ronnie's letter....and he also had some other very happy news for me....instead of stopping our sponsorship he has asked me to carry on sponsoring his friend Mr Seamus.....we are definitely going to do that.....

.....and if that wasn't exciting enough on its own then the day after Mr Ronnie's letter arrived we had another one from Mr Digby!....Mr Digby is the new doggie that we started to sponsor in honour of our pal Miss Ruby who went OTRB recently....that's how we come to sponsor dogs...we pick a new one each time a good friend passes over to be with old Marley....we think Mr Digby is a super looking friend....

...but that's not all....Mr Seamus has also written to me...what lovely manners the Dogs Trust doggies have...he tells me he loves being groomed and has a big tyre tractor to climb on so he can get a good view out over the fields......

....and then what happened next?!...our doggies sent me valentines cards!...there is one from Mr Seamus, one from Miss Amelia and one from Mr Freddie....they are all full of news from our friends....and Mr Digby and Mr Seamus also sent me their business cards to put in my rolodex....
...Mr Freddie is telling me about his plans for a romantic walk with his carer, Lorna, on Valentine's Day....Lorna is still keeping him well fed with turkey from the Dogs Trust Christmas Pawty....

...we love all our sponsored doggies at Dogs Trust....if you would like to sponsor a doggie there you can see all about it can do it for as little as £1 per week....

Happy sponsoring....Clapton, Border Terrier HQ.....woof


  1. Now then..... THIS is what the day of LOVE ♥ is all about.... With YOUR HELP... L♥VE has been Found.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy HOLIDAY.

  2. What wonderful work you do in sponsoring doggies. Happy Valentines Day.

  3. You rock! How special of you to help doggies

  4. Congratulations to all doggy friends who find a new home. Whoever taught these doggies to write so well. Dogs Trust must be the Oxford and Cambridge of the canine world! We must sponsor another dog. We don't have one at the moment.

  5. What brilliant news and a fab idea!!


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