Monday, 2 June 2014

Urgent bizniss

My pals…it do be I, Marlee…I iz bak cos I haz urgent bizniss to discuss wiv yoo…..

…I fink lots of you did see dat a paw lady in Areezona wot be breedin border terriers was cort in a nastee fire larst weekend and did haz 12 of her paw doggies killed….

….dis do be her RV…wot now be destroid along wiv da pups….

…da lady woz da breeder for our great pals @piper_winnie from Twitter…..we is mornin da poor doggies and I haz kwite a lot of new pals to be welcoming OTRB….they is runnin free of pain and wivout trubbles now…

…owevver...we is wunderin if da #BTposse and ower pals can elp Debbie Pomeroy wiv rebildin of her bizniss…we is opin to raise sum munnees for her to be elpin to get bak on her bizniss paws…you can see her webby-site wiv sum of her doggies….

 Otley Border Terriers 

….here do be Debbee in better times wiv da Otley posse…

…I ope you can spare maybe sum small munnees….yoo can pay wot yoo like fru dese detales….if you iz in America den da pic below has details yoo can pay direct…

…clik to biggify for reedin….
…if yoo is in da UK or Yorup…then pleez send your munnees to to Debbee via da PayPal usin her peemail addy wot be

….if there do by enee furs wot do not haz PayPal and duss likes to send munee then mebbe peemail I or send Dm to Clapton on Twitter and we try and sort summing owt usin ower nollidge…..

..pawsome….everee little do elp as they say…..

Woof…Marley….we haz ower paws cross fur Debee and da Otley posse…..

pee ess: dussnt furget to tell Debbee that yoo do be donatin on bee-half of da posse….we haz peemailed her to tell to eggspect sumfing….wud also be nice if you can tell me or Claptun so we kno ow much dis av elp in da end….


  1. OH MY... We had not heard this story Marley. SO very SAD. THANK you fur telling us about it. We will check it all out.

  2. What a tragedy, poor thing
    Lily & Edward

  3. OMD...I had not heard about this. What a shame and oh, the poor doggies. I will need to go check it out, Marley.

  4. What a sad story!

  5. Thank you, Marley. You are ever the gentleman, both here and at the Bridge.

  6. Oh, that is sad. :'-(

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl's World!


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