Monday, 14 December 2015

Clapton & The Magic Lamp

Hello my friends....I am slinking in here with my eyes down and my tail between my legs...our poor little blog has been much neglected of late....but last night's fantastic Border Terrier Posse Christmas pawty gives us the perfect excuse to start operations again...

....for those of you who missed the BT HQ contribution to #BTXmas we would like to re-run our little pantomime ...and also to say that if you go to Twitter and follow the hashtag #BTxmas you will be able to see all of the other amazing acts who participated and also enjoy the raucous crowd....BOL...and we offer a special word of thanks to Mr Thomas (@thomasAterrier) and his amazing staff for pawganising the whole event for the third year in a row... without further ado, I present Clapton & the Magic Lamp, starring Miss Jilly (@monteeandjillee) as Princess Jil-lee...

BT HQ Players will now present Clapton & The Magic Lamp, featuring the beautiful @monteeandjillee as Princess Jil-lee *daaahling ears*

In far off Staff-ee evil sorcerer Mar-lee wants a magic lamp from the Cave of Terriers but only a terrier of true heart can enter     

Jil-lee the Sultan’s daughter, bored of her life at the palace and forbidden to speak to common dogs visits the market

There she meets scruffy brown local terrier Clapton 

Mar-lee sees them, captures Clapton and leads him to the Cave of Terriers, promising golden noms for retrieving the lamp

A huge toot causes the cave to collapse but a magic carpet flies Clapton away with the the lamp 

Mar-lee attempts to steal the lamp and make Clapton disappear

Clapton rubs the lamp and unleashes Rock-ee the Genie, who says he will grant Clapton three wishes

Clapton uses his first wish to become a prince, A-Ladd-in, in order to be able to marry Jil-lee.

Mar-lee casts a spell on the Sultan and tricks him into ordaining a marriage with Jill-lee. 

Clapton appears and parades into the Sultan's palace as Prince A-Ladd-in, a royal suitor. 

Clapton whisks Jil-lee around the world on the magic carpet.    

Mar-lee captures Clapton and attempts to turn him into a squirrel. 

The Genie rescues Clapton as his second wish; Clapton returns to the palace and exposes Mar-lee's plot. 

After discovering Jil-lee's love for Clapton, the Sultan allows her to marry whomever she deems worthy. 

That was his third wish! And they all lived happily ever after *BAFTA ears*    

.....and best of all we raised £775 for Border Terrier Welfare...and there were also some donations made directly and a few more to come today we think....well done to all and HIP HIP HOORAY for Mr Thomas and his pawesome staff....


Sir Clapton Olivier....


  1. O M D it is YOU, Clapton and Marley... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee We are THRILLED to see you again..

    WOW... that is an EPIC story!! Brilliant... it will be a Block Buster HIT fur SURE.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. Welcome back and you do look like a prince!
    Lily & Edward

  3. Luvli panto Sir, an we did likes da consert too


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