Sunday, 5 July 2009

Best day ever

We had such a good day on Saturday. We woke dad up at 5.30 and got him to take us out for a walk at Headley Heath, which was beautiful in the morning sun. There is no place we enjoy more and there are always things to do.

We met a small group of greyhounds and walked for an hour or so. The sniffing was good. When we got home mummy had a surprise for us. She decided we would do something nice for William as he has been ill with swine flu and he wanted to go fossil hunting. We found a place called Herne Bay in Kent and set off in the car. This gave Lola and I chance to snooze in the car as it took an hour or so to get there.

Herne Bay has quite a stony beach and when we got there the tide was in - we were at the Reculver end.

We walked along looking for fossils - at least the humans looked for fossils and Lola and I sniffed for bones. Frustratingly we found one but it was fossilised. Grrrr

We stopped at a pup and dad introduced us to pork scratchings, which are the work of the Great Dog in the Sky. We eventually wandered back tired and hot after two hours and had to paddle in the sea to cool our feet. This was a surprise to all the humans as we do not usually "do" water.

We also found a jellyfish, which turned out to be more jelly than fish.

All in all, the perfect day.

Marley "Indy" Jones :)

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  1. It is so kewl to see your part of the werld. Luks so much different than where I does hikings. Hope your William is feeling better.


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