Friday, 17 July 2009

Loss of Dignity

Yesterday was haircut day. I have been through the order several times before and so I went first. This is what I looked like before....

...and this is what I looked like afterwards. Handsome, no?

Poor old Lola. This was her first haircut and she made such a fuss about being stripped that the nice ladies at PetsAtHome had to clip her. This is what she looked like before (the little lion we used to call her)...

...but now she is a baldie dog like this...

I am now showing off my new look by posin on my new cushion..

...and Lola has gone into the garden to show it to the birds and lick dew off the grass...

...and now she is back lookin cute...

Marley Sasoon xx


  1. You haircuts look pawsome! You is both stylin' now. You knows what they say - it not easy being beeootifuls and handsums - no pains, no gains!

  2. Jean and her furry family29 July 2009 at 12:17

    You are both tooooo cute. I really enjoy your tweets.


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