Friday, 18 September 2009

Pepi Truck

After the sad news that Pepi has died (see last post), millions of his pals went on a ride in @henryandfriend's truck to a meadow near the rainbow bridge to celebrate his life.

Here we all are...

If phink that if you click the picture you can see it bigger and all our faces are clear.

There was singin' and dancin' and lots of eatin' and drinkin', which is what Pepi taught us all to do. A lovely time was had by all and we hope that Pepi and his mum can find peace now. I do quote to you the werds of a very wise bear who did say about Twitter friends "yoo is al speshul to me an i treshur ower frendship. we do larf an cry toogevva. we share ower lifes. ower opes an dreems aswel". I 'ope Henry will not mind that I use his werds

George the Duck is the genius who did manage to fit us all into this picture. He 'ave a very big camera.

And I also say you should look at all the photos of Pepi ere but do be careful cos the ones at the end might makes you cry

Marley Australia....xx

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  1. Thank you for posting this my friends, Pepi is so very special to us all, this is a lovely tribute to him.


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