Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Lola has been in trubble today. First she has been smellin' like a dustbin. Second she has chewed daddy's headphones into bits and 'e is very cross.

This evenin' I did think she was going to try and take my chew so I had to stand guard over it....

Then she tried to sneak up on it but I did keep her away...

Unfortunately I turned my back and she was in like a cat burglar...

So we had to show her who is boss...

Field Marshall Marley VC.....xx


  1. Oh noes, I can see that Lola is in big troubles today and you shore did tune her up when you found her wif your chewie!

  2. Poor Lola! She obviously was having a bad day, maybe she should have her own chew and set of headphones.
    I see you also like the border terrier on the run - Mr Bas likes that one, as does my son but he cries as it makes him sad that the BT died!

  3. Ohhhh... Rumbles nomed through a phone charger once, lucky it wasn't plugged in... tell Lola she too pretty for humans to be mad for long.

  4. Hi Marley,

    We enjoyed watching you and Lola in the videos. Mom says you remind her of the Benji dog who made movies long time ago. I think you are both really cute. I hope Lola is soon forgiven for chewing the headphones.

    Wags & wiggles,


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