Thursday, 14 January 2010


Now the new year ave finally kicked in and peeple have started goin back to normal after the Chrismass olidays. Willium ave gone back to skool, daddy ave gone back to work and mummy ave gone back to watchin Richard & Judy and doin er nails :o)

We is worried bout this cos it do be stressful for humans when they is not allowed to be on their olidays. They as to do phings they duss not like and that can lead to them bein bitey and shoutin and bein miserable and forgettin to take out their dogs for a walk.

I ave decided that I will give a lesson in stressbustin so that everyone is appy and life can proceed as normal.

First, you ave to start by tryin to relax your muscles and empties your mind (unless you is Lola, whose mind is empty most of the time). My sister, Lola, is ere demonstratin the correct posishun...

Also, is possible that sittin somewhere nice can do this. I show how this is done

After your mind is free of earfly considerayshuns, you as to relax from the tip of your nose to the ends of your tail (or ead and feet if you is a human). This can be done as shown in the diagrams underneaf..

But I do say that there is various postures that you can use. You ave to find one that suit yourself and then stretch out everyfink and then let in go floppy again. It is highly effective as you see ere..

An also there is possibilty of doin it wiv your friends....or if you are short then you can allow your sister to partissypate..

What I likes especially is to have help from the hoomans for gettin the crick out of my neck...

After we ave done the stretchin and relaxin then we ave to cool down by goin in the snow. This open the pores and allow tension to pour out of you....

And then we ave to hop under nice warm towel for gettin warm and takin tension out of the body...

If that do not help wiv tension then I does not kno what will. See here one of my patients who is now even doin stressbustin exercise in his sleep cos he is grandmaster of relaxayshun..

I dussn't recommend that til you ave had a few lessons...

I ope that will be helpin with stress for everyone who is not on oliday any more.

Marley Masseur


  1. Some warm snuggly dogs in those pics! Too cute!

  2. Awww, such a cute little woof, lying so innocent and sweet and...


    Mew ha ha haha...

    *gentle pats for your pretty sister*

  3. Eeee - Marley I feel better already! You're a darling. Maggie is already expert in these techniques but now I know how to do it I can chillax with her :0) xxxx

  4. It's a dogs life. Us hoomans are very jealous.

  5. Just too too funny! Brilliant stuff, so glad I found this blog. :)

  6. I think the laying with your legs in the air looks most relaxing. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Mr Mo says... fanx to Mr Marley, you are a guru! I tried some relaxation tips today and it worked!! woof lick to you an Lola babe x


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