Wednesday, 6 January 2010

What Do Be This Then?

When we wents to bed larst night all the hoomans were talkin about snow comin and burying the village and closin the schools. As you might eggspect, this did get Willium very excited. When we woke up this mornin, we ad a look out of the window and this is what we saw...

It ave been snowin. Willium was very appy but then the eadmaster say that pupils ave to go to skool and so he got dressed and was taken off by mum. Luckily (for mum) we lives opposite the skool and so it was easy to get there. Me an Lola went out for avin a look in the garden to see what was there...

We did see that there was no chance of a piknik...

...and the logs pile was buried so daddy will have a ard job makin the fire later..

In fact, each little bit of everyphing was wearin a little snow hat...

Even Scooby was havin problems gettin about...

But we rescued him and sent him off to check if the birdies ave got enuff to eats..

He is now safely back inside where it is warm. I am also now loafin by the fire, but Lola have been makin a mess in the garden and is in disgrace...

Willium is now back from skool cos he was just about the only boy in his class. He is goin out sledgin so we shall have a further weather report later in the day.

Marley Le Piste.....woof


  1. Love da bloggy! Always makes me larf lots! Love Loa's poop!! XXXXX

  2. Dat shuds haz read LOLA! Me hit button before finished! Me wiped ma poopy bum on da so-fur dis morning so me was in disgrace too!! Me lurking under da radiator!!! XXXXXXX

  3. Hehehehe! We is all about making the snows yeller!

  4. Wow you got more snow than us!! I wanted to wake up to snow this morning, but didn't. We got a bit though but not as much as you. Can't even make good yellow snow in it.. maybe tomorrow!!

  5. We never seen this snow thing, it looks confusing and displeasing. We go lie in sunpuddles now.

  6. Tee hee you did make me larf. Personally I prefer to use my face as a snowplough to help my mummy.

  7. Maggie was very surprised at how deep the snow was! But it did make her playful :0) Her short little friend Mabel had to boing about the place like a demented Tigger to get about! Have fun xx

  8. Woof! Woof! Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday. YES!!! SNOW SNOW SNOW ... what a FUN FUN FUN time to play. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Mr Mo says... Hey Marley and Lola you av taken my top tips for cold wevva and kept your hair on! Lola you need to take your messes out of the garden - don't you know that snowmen need yellow feet?! How come Scooby has got ears? all my 'teddies' have no ears and some don't have tails, mmm. woof woof x

  10. It looks like you need to dig tunnels just to walk around!


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