Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Great Fridge Raid

If you had been at my ouse yesterday mornin you might have found this by the kitchen door....

Yes, there haz been an incident in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon. The hoomans went out and whens they got back this is what they did find in the kitchen...

Oh dear. Who (or what) could have done dat? Been in our fridge and eated all the foods? Who could have fort that some ham, prosciutto, cheez and carrots would have made a nice afternoon snack? I fink mebbe it was this doggy...

...or mebbe even this one as he obvioulsy has "form" as my frends in the polices do say...

Well, the hoomans did react sumwot quickly to some very circumstanshull evidence and blames me and Lola and there was a lot of shoutin and we was chased out into the garden by dad's boots. However, Ii do say that it cud not ave been me cos I am an angel...

...altho i dussn't speak for Lola (nor provide her wiv character reference neever).

Dad was a bit worried cos we ....er....the thiefs had also eaten a tub of flapjacks which did ave raisins in wot is poisonous for dogs. However, he did calm down when our friends on twitter did say we ...er....they had not eaten enuff to be dangerous.

I did try and suggest that it might have been a team of crimmynels who had broken in to do the deed...

....but dad did say he did not beleev me and he did put us in jail for the rest of the day...

We did suffer no ill effects, but Lola did show some suspishuss symptoms later in the evenin...

The followin mornin, we did fink that we shud try and get back in dad's good books so at 4.30 am we did get up and bark so that he was not late for werk. By the look on his face he was not best pleased wiv his alarm call. He was even less appy when he did find this (or sumfink like it) in the corner of the kitchen...

We had to spend anuvver day in his bad books. However, I say to you (a jury of my peers) that it was Lola who did the crime. I did sleep the sleep of the innocent all day...

Obvioulsy, I is not giltee. Free the Kitchen One!

Marley Biggs...........woof


  1. Oh Marley! I's surprised they didn't put you errr i mean the perps in solitary for dat! Now one burnin question - i is Miss Marple remember? How the ell did you get that door open! We all need to know this secret!

  2. hehehe ya the door! give us the secret! There is lots of yummy things inside that box at my house too!!!

  3. HA HA HA Marley and Lola! You, er...they...had a feast! Any forensics back yet to prove beyond all reasonable doubt.. BOL! How did ya get that fridge door open? I think you told me. @diamond bertie has offered 2 balls and a pigs ear for me to say... can you up that at all? BOL BOL BOL (PS Glad you and Lola's tums ok!) Thank you for being so funnie! Lots of Westie Smiles

  4. OMC! It cannot be da Marley who dunnit! Marley only blows up Norty Steps. It has to be dat L-O-L-A cos Marley's two brain cells would never haz never bumped together & come up with a plan to robbed da fridge!!

    **BTW! Marley da noms was great! Fanks for inviting me over!! Must do it again sometime!! Da raisons made me go poops lots!!**

  5. We duz ave sumone wot did brake into our bike shed a couple of weekz ago, I fink it mite be the same person? Did the police go to your ouse and investigat it? we duz ave a man wot duz dust for printz but he duzzn't find anyfing :(
    I duz fink u wood not no ow to get in a fridge Marlee and Lola, cos u is dawgiez not peeple. Did your umans leave it open for you? I mean for the burglar wot did eat all ur food?
    You duz a very funnie blog Marlee. I will send u a cake wiv a file in it so u can brake out ov prison. xx

  6. Did they do dustings for the pawprints? Did they take Dee En Aye samples? I say innocent til provened gilty. (Dang, that looked like loads of nommy funs!)

  7. Mollydog and Snowydog fink yous just wunnerfull.

  8. Please, ask the rascals how they opened the fridge door, I need to know.

  9. Am I the only one who caught Jazzy's admission of guilt fur da P-O-O on da floor? I wouldn't be surprised if she masterminded the whole scheme, she's so clever & norty. Poor Marley & Lola have fallen victim to Jazzy's crafty caper. The proof is in the, err, uhh, pooding! *makes sour face*
    The entire event was told very well, Marley - Bravo!

  10. LOL! THat is hysterical!! Do you live with those dogs in the fridge too???

  11. ...snicker...This is such a great story! I've been snickering up a storm here!! I too would like to know the secret of how you,I mean the burglers,opened the fridge door!...snicker...are we gonna have to offer a reward for that info??

  12. What a hoot.....Leo wants to know HOW you managed to open the door...he has tried many times to no avail....so he bides his time and just sits and stares at the food when the door is open hoping that it will jump off the shelf into his tummy !!
    Janette x

  13. That's hilarious. I got your post on my blog. Good to have another border blogger out there!!! I will check in regularly.

  14. my Dad is a people type Doctor but he says that you guys really need to be carful or I mean those bad robber types need to be careful eating all that junk at one time can make a little dog SICK. (next time send some my way I never get enough to eat over here and it is always the same dry kibble)

  15. Agree with U Marley !! ALL the evidence points to those other criminal looking doggies & the sneaky looking cat ! Ur Dad was probably tired when he thought he was playing ball & accidently threw his boots around the yard ! Funny humans ! BOL ! Bet you & Lola both had BEAUTIFUL breath ! *sniffs air* XXXX

  16. What a tale of suspense and suspicion!


  17. The wonderful thing is to have other anipals to blame stuff on. I have 4 norty kitties who knock everything down in the house. Certainly not me!

  18. So glad I found your blog. I am giving you the Versatile Blogger Award! See the details here:

  19. Guys - Spill. We all know that humans are just really very very clever dogs, - cos they have the secret to opening the fridge. But now it appears you guys know the secret. If we post you some chicken necks can you send us the code?? A day in jail is worth the keys to the fridge, come on already.

  20. BOL! That's so funny! I love the pic of Lola all sprawled out. And I sure wiiiiish that I could get our fridge open.

    *whispers* Ask Lola to tell me how she did it...


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