Monday, 10 May 2010


Hello for you. It is I, Marley. How be fings for you? I didn't be ere for a bit wot wiv one fing or anuvver but now ere I am like bad penny turnin up when you is lookin for keys down back of the sofa. Rilly, I am like a bit of lint in yore pokkit....

Today I ave been remmynissin bout wot it was like when I was little. It do be over free years since I cam ome to live wiv mom an dad and Willium and it is important to remember where you do come from and wot colour is your roots hetsetterra.

I did be livin on a farm (a nice one, not puppy farm) when my familee did come and find me. They first see'd me like this in a bed wiv my little brothers and sisters....

...I fink dat is me upsides down avin my first wuzz from dad.

I fink they did pick me cos I was the runt of the litter, but I do ask you if you could have resisted a face like this?....

After I ad vetted Willium for smells and fings, he took me ome and we ad our pikture taken in the kitchen....

Mostly, I did juss do snoozin to keep up my strengff..

I rilly got to like my new levver bean bag....

As I got bigger, me an Willium form unbreakable frendship...

Very quicklee, wiv elp from Willium, I did develop my "you give I noms" face...

When I was allowed out with the big dogs, we did go to Headley Show and I enetered into dog competishun and did win 7th place rosette. I fink dis face worth more than 7th place no?...

By Chrissmuss, I was the star of the familee and I was allowed to appear on the familee card for sendin out to peeple we knowed...

That wos me for my first year at ome. I fink I did rilly like it there and I decided to stay. Imaginn my suprise when Lola did show up out of the blue. I woz not consulted bout dis no matter what anyone tell you. Dad say I did take to bein a big bruvver quite well. You be the judge...

I tell you that I do rilly like livin here and I enjoy seein a bit bout my istory which we did find on the computa.


Marley Joy....


  1. What a sweet boy! I see you hasn't lost your good looks. What a lovely tail (ha get it??)

  2. Oh 'yous be a cutie wuutie cuddlie fuzzly thing'. That is ACTUALLY what My Boy just said about you! And I agrees with ya Marley! You are! And...Tis good to remember your roots! There will be no stoppin' my Ma getting the 'puppy pics' out now! What have ya started my furiend?"! BOL! Westie wagging tail a lot lot lot Annie X

  3. What adorable baby pictures!


  4. I wish I'd known you when you were little. I could THWOCK you using half the energy and get twice the result!!


  5. You sure was a cute little pup Marley!! We likes the video of your sis Lola chasing you around BOL!

  6. Ah to be young again and free from all that responsibility that we have to shoulder in maturity.

  7. 7th place, Marley? You wuz robbed!

    Great pics!


  8. Aww! How could anything so cute get da better of Marley the butch-boy Terror-ier!!! MOL MOL BOL XXXXXXXX

  9. You were just a darling puppy! So cute.


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