Thursday, 23 December 2010

Final Blog for 2010

Ello for you my chums. I do be doin (do be do be do be doin) a quick blog for endin 2010 and sayin you ave a happy Chrissmuss. It has been a long, exhaustin year...

....and this last week has been a tirin one cos there ave been snow in our villlij. This is wot our road did look like on Saturday...

...and even the main road by the shops was icy and difficult to walk along....

....but we did make it as far as the butchers and stopped to ave a sniff in his doorway as a treat (but we dussn't go in cos dad say me I might lose my mind) .... I settle for sniffin and lickin my lips....followin day, dad did take us for a walk but is was so cold that you can not get me in focus cos I was shivverin so much.....

....and also we did have camouflage FAIL.....

When we get ome, I refuse to move of da sofa for hours and did make Lola do guard dooty...

...but eventually I was forced off da sofa....but only as far as cusshun by the fire...

Oh, hang on, Lola ave sumfing to say......

......*no sound*.....oh, it seem is juss sound of tumbleweed blowin fru her mind.....whereas I am a Brain Lord and do learn new tricks....

So, we is sayin you appy christmas and we do be seein you next year.....

....and I spend olidays tryin to evict Lola from my beanbag...

Woof.....Marley xx


  1. Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year to you, Lola and your humans! I hope the howlidays are healthy and happy! See year!
    xxx Oz

  2. Merry Chrissmouse Marley and Lola and your whole fambly too. Your villij duz looks bewtiful even tho cold an snowy. I see you in teh happy New Year xxox

  3. That Lola do seem to be getting in your way when you woz trying to do those fantabulous tricks! Sisfurs can be annoy8ink like that. Me and Dixie and Sydney and mom do be sending you and Lola and William and your pawrents our bestest wishes fur a furry Merry Christmas and a Happy Noo Year!

  4. anuvver splendid blog Marley Merry Crispmus and a happy noo ears.
    Martha the westie

  5. Happy Christmas to you to friends. Those are bootiful pictures you posted. Snow can be so lovely to look at as long as you don't have to go out in it. We has it here too.

  6. Happy Christmas to you and Lola. Zack says keep your feet warm in all that snow - Santa should send you some boots for Christmas!!!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and Lola from Lottie-bo-bo and Fergus the Bogeyman.

    Looking forward to your first post of 2011.

  8. Marley, Happy Christmas & New Year to you & Lola & yur hoomins...wishin' you lots of prezzies & lots of noms, and a big warm fire to dream by...Read you next year!

    Gizmo's gurl wrote dis for @GizmoGeodog

  9. Happy holidays my puppy friends... I got a gift for you Marley......

    *bow-wrapped THWOCK*

  10. Merry Christmas and a happy new year Marley and also to Lola and yoos hoomuns too.

    Hope yoos get your beanbag back soonie! Missy xx

  11. All that sniffing, camouflaging, looking in the meat shop window, and supervising guard duty is really tiring work, especially when after all that you have to seek out the optimum comfy spot at home. I hope your humans appreciate your hard work.

    Looking forward to your blogs next year.

  12. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Wishing you all the best to you and Lola for 2011.
    From me, monkey and Jimmy

  13. GRRRFff that looks way cold Marley. Good work on the tricks, I see Lolas trying to steal your thunder, and your treaties.


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