Friday, 17 December 2010

Marli Leaks


Shhhh, I got some secrets for you.....

*stroke stroke* Poor little blog. I dussn't be payin him much attenshun lately and I fink it do be sad. Owever, the other day we did meet one of our sisfurs from Cidermill Farm where we was born when we was out walkin. We din't meet her before but she is bout same age as Lola and she do be caled Nutmeg. We did say her pawson that we would say ello for her on our blog so....Ello Nutmeg.....her she is wiv Lola... usual Lola fink she is da boss an is almost sittin on Nutmeg. Nutmeg also did say me she is geetin a new sisfur to come and live wiv her very soon, also from Cidermill Farm We do be very appy to ave our rellytives livin nearby and we ope we see em agane soon.

Also this week has bin my burthday. I do be four. Some of my pals was very kind to me and did send my nice cards. Here is one done by my pal AnnieBella from the twitter...

...and here is one done by bootiful Teagan from the twitter too....

...and OMD look wot my speshul pal Shawnee Shep done sent me all the way from America...

....I is still larfiin about that an I send some secret smooches back to Shawnee and her familee.

Of corse, it has not all been sweetness and light dis week. Sume peeple wot shall remain nameless (altho they is named mum, dad an Willium) did forget about my burfdee until almost 8 o'clock in the evenin. You fink dat is bad, well I say you they has also done this to me this week....

...and I is distinctly unhappy about it and I give dad the stink-eye for humilaitin me.... see dis face? You promiss we dussnt ave to do this agane next year? You need me to put the bitey on you?

In other news, sales of our new fings is goin well.....mebbe cos they has been usin some ansome fellow in their advertisin....

....and we is gettin good customer feedbak. Here is our pal Bilbo doin some kwality testin.....

I fink you can see he is very comfy.

Also I quickly tell you that we also did meet a new pal called Barney when we was out walkin. He was so farst that dad did ave trubble gettin him on film...but he is a proper border terrier and the fastest one we ever did meet, even faster than Lola..

I ope my blog is appier now that he has had some attenshun. We do wish you a appy Chrismuss and we leave you wiv dese scenes from our garden and villij last week to be puttin you in the mood...

Breaking news leak: My last news is I do tell you I is avin my cataracts opawrated on on 15 Januray after nice new vet did say me she recommend it.

K, bai

Marley Assange


  1. Hey Marley, we haven't had the hat humiliation happen yet this year but we are sure its a coming. Glad to have you back on line on the blog, where you been? And glad theres gonna be some work on the catsnrats too. Have a good Christmas Marley & Lola, & MDW.

  2. Happy birthday to you *THWOCK*
    Happy birthday TO YOU *THWOCK*
    Happy birthday dear puppy *THWOCK*
    Happy birthday to you *THWOCK*

  3. Happy barkday dear Marley! Iz can't beleeeve you iz four! I luvs border tarrierz but mostly you an Lola *purrrrr* P. S. can you pleeeeze send me your emayle? Iz at an it wud be good if you cud sended it to me. Kthx. *smooooches*

  4. I is so glad you liked our birfday greeting. It do be the furst movie mom did with her new camera (the old one broked and I did not do it) so we had to do many takes until SHE got it rite. Good luck with your operashuns! Hope it fixes you up all like new.

  5. OMD, Marley...great blog post! Iz so glad your furiends remembered your burfdee since your humans forgot! (Oh, and I LUV the stink-eye photo!)

    The photos os your garden all covered in snow is bootiful! I knew snow was pretty tho I never did see it until now. Thanx!
    xxx Oz

  6. Dawgie. Wot a bizzy time you is having Marleee. Fancy doose hoomans nearly forgetting your burfdee! BOL! Bootiful picshures of the snow and sunlight. And.. *ahem* I fink you looks kwite handsome and festive in ya hat! BOL! Loves your furiend AnnieB

  7. Marley, Zack sends his Birthday Wishes all the way from Canada!! The snow in your garden makes for a beautiful Christmas - you could even pass as a Canadian!!
    Good luck with your eye surgery, we will be thinking about you from afar. Just think how wonderful the world will look through clear eyes again. Merry Christmas.

  8. Dis duz be a grate blog Marlee and I fink your blog dus be appy now. Fancy yoor hoomans nearly forgettin yoor birfday! I ope they buy yoo nice prezent to make up for it?
    Good luck wiv yoor operashun in Januerey, me and Maggie Moo will be finking ov yoo!

  9. Dis iz a wunderful bloggie post...Da gurl & I get to learn so many good tings about BT life in anudder country & we really enjoy dis...Tank you so much Marley for teaching us so many tings...Dis is frum da girl & from me, GizmoGeodog

  10. Wow, you do a really good stink-eye look Marley. I feel like I should say sorry!

    That's a great action shot of Barney. I think I would like to run around with him. Tell him if he's ever in Plymouth I'll meet him in the park!

    Hope you are making the humans feel guilty for forgetting your birthday & they have made up the 20hrs of lost birthday time!

    Your garden looks like a winter wonderland. Happy Christmas to you & the household


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