Thursday, 10 February 2011

I been tagged

Ello for you. My pal Nayomee wot do tweet as @tattooed_mummy and who do look after Diesel an Jeep have set me task. It is on her blog.....

 Rules iz rules so ere they are:

1. You must proudly display the graphic wot Nayomee haz created. She say me it is orrifying! But its presence in ower award celebrayshun is crucial to the memetastic process she iz creating here.

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them haz to be bold-faced lies. I dussnt old wiv lyin unless is for dumpin Lola in it wiv the pawsons

3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you  kno

ere is my fings:

Wun: I am rilly well behaved and did come top of clarss at puppy skool when I puppy...

Sit yourself....

Two:  we go everywhere by planez cos I am fully kwalified pileut....

Fanks for flyin Marlee Air

Free: I makes my livin by sellin stuff in my shop......

Top-shelf material

Four: dad did want to names me Frank Zappa but mum say NO! cos he wud look silly shoutin it in the park...

You hum it, I plays it.....
Five:  I was once arrested by poleese for terrierist offences, but dad is lawyer so he get me off wiv no jail time....

I haz been framed I gotta pass it on to sum other boggers.....I do nommynate the followin *opens gold envelopes*....ahem....

Shawnee the Shep wot do live in New Joisey in America cos she is best dog blogger we do kno and also appy to join in wiv games (...psssst, Shawnee, I ope you dussnt mind....)

Little Amish cos he haz not done his blog since Crissmuss and I encourage him to do sumfing cos he is very funnee

Twiglet cos he is new to bloggin and I fink we will be very good at it and of corse he is border terrier....

Bodie an Mrs Magoo cos they is always rilly funny....

Lexie cos she do be lazy and need a boot up the patooty to do her blog....wot is usually bout boats

Woof. That be it. And I do say ello for Diesel an Jeep....

Ant n Dec
Of corse, if you haz a blog and i dussnt name you then just join in anyway.....



  1. I think the true thing is that you were good at puppy school..........hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    no just kidding!

    no 4 is true?

    (oh and I didn't start this silly meme so I didn't actually make the hideous badge, I just shared it)

  2. Oh my, I is so honored - thank you! And congratulashuns to you fur being awardified! It mite take me a while to post this coz I has to sew sekurity uniforms for the #pawpawty fur this weekend and I need some time to think up some whoppers of bold faced lies but I do it soonly or thereabouts.

  3. Iz funne blog Marlee. Mum duz say she duz be too buzzee to do blog lately but she haz been finkin bout doing wun soon. I sez no good finkin, get on wiv it! But she do elp me tipe and corect my spellin so I duz ave to be pashunt and wate for er.
    But dis mite be the kick up the tushie she duz need. She go and do fings now wile she finks about it. (she duz hav to do sumfing wiv a big bord on legs and a fing wat she duz plug into the wall, den she turnz pooter off and tellie on and duz fings wiv cloths.)
    We duz fink Lie numba 2 iz the correct wun by the way.

  4. Oooh, honoured to be included sir. How to follow yours, though? Such brilliant lies and brilliant photos to go with them!! I am gonna have to think about this one...

    PS I'm a *girl*
    PPS I go with the Zappa one to be true

  5. We too are honoured Marley - we will start cooking up some porkies this week. The trufe will out.

  6. Hi there, just come across your site, we had 2 Border Terriers but now only have one (as we bought two bitches from same litter & only found out later that, rule of thumb, is never have 2 sisters from same litter!!! :(. Theyre such gorgeous dogs :) Nice to meet other BT owners.

  7. Sorry this is me ........ my owner's not too good on the pc app !!!!

    she also doesnt know how to send my photograph!!!
    trust me when I say I'm a gorgeous Border Terrier Lady!!

  8. I duz know da true one Mr Zappa (mum is big meanie)

  9. Yes, I say for you dat the one about my name was da troof

  10. Oh too late - you've given the answer! (I had hoped it was number 5!)

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