Thursday, 24 February 2011

Big skeery walks

Ello for you. We got a long story to tells you tooday but we is startin wiv sayin ello for our new pal, Jimmy. We did meet Jimmy on Toosday and we do say his mum that we would put his picture on our ere he is...

Jimmy bein, not so much

We did meet Jimmy at the ends of our long walk so now we haz to retrace our steps and be tellin you the story of our ole day from da beginnin.

We do start the day not lookin that excited.....

Wot you want?

But then we do remember that Toosday is typist's berfday....and he looks quite excited about it.....

Typist: life size

We decide we elp im to open his see if they is cotainin foods....

Cake (not pictured) inside....sniff sniff

Then he do say me that we is goin for a big walk from our favrit book and he has chosen a speshully long one cos he be takin day off werk. We is goin to Devil's Punchbowl near Hindhead wot be one of the most seenik bits of place near where we do live......

Oh deer, is grim and rainin

We drives over there and on the way clouds do get grey and rain do start fallin. Mum is fussin and sayin me I might get cold cos I been stripped


...oh, the umilliayshun......owver, we do keep walkin and is goin down some steep parffs into bottom of punchbowl....but is so misty and wet we can not see any seeniks. We is wading fru mud (wot I do not likes)...and then we do see this....

Skeery animal: unknown origin
....wot ave done this.....

....but typist say me that they is just cleanin up new pine trees from aynshunt forrist and rilly is a good fing and is bringin out natural old look for this place so we dussn't be cross....we is goin up and down and fru gates and over rivers....

Lola models a bridge
...and even dog wiv no brane uses the bridge....but I do surprise whole familee by goin fru the river (wot I never usually do)....

We is goin fru the woods agane when we do come to bit where guide book say is like Scotland.....

Monarch of the Bowl
..and I fink you see is true and of corse we is appy dogs cos Border Terriers is originally from English/Scottish borders wot do look like this...and then we do come to some fields...and wot do you get in Scotland? That's right, Highland Cattle. Ere is one for my pal @sidthecatahoula who is very keen on cows of all types..

.....he did come right up to the fence and bring wiv him a orse who was also in that field. We all look at each other from a few feet away but I dussnt bark so typist can get a good shot....we walks on a bit longer and after about two hours we gets to a pub wot we haz been to before with my dad, Rocky, and sister, Islay and is called  Three Hoseshoes an is in Thurseley

They has delishus foods and nice peeple. The man wot was werkin there gib me a biskit when we come in and he has saved me spot by the nice open fire where we can dry off our paws. Typist ordered a speshul lunch.....

After lunch we is walkin on agane...until we see this....

Yikes!! Guidebook say is area where armies is doin trainin and we could ear elicopters circilin overhead in the clouds so we keep to speshully designed terrier tracks so we is hidden from soldiers....

Bravo Company keepin low
We had to behaves like proper army....


Humans get worried and is keepin us close wiv treats and stuff....

...we makes it out alives but then we is goin up mahoosive hill to find the ridge to walks back to the cars...

Wait for me.....
Lola did take pity on my old legs and waited for me....

I is a lion. Ear me roar...
Eventually, we did make it back to the tip top of the Devil's Punchbowl and fankfully the wevver had cleared up a bit and we was able to catch some of the view on this little viddyoh...

.....and then that's where we did meet Jimmy....

Ello Jimmy!
That was full story of our 8 mile walk wot did take us from 11 am to 4pm to completes (inclduin hour for lunches). We go ome and typist collapse into coma wiv cup of tea and bit of cake.

Woof.....Sgt Marlee...


  1. oh oh that beary gud burfdey fur typist nd yew brave in rivah crossin! i haf herds of devils puntch bowl nd it beary gud too see it fank yew!

  2. Hello Babes !!! Your blogs are always a pure delight!!! What a great place for a walk nd sossidges for lunch !!! Jackpot!!!

  3. Nice blog, Marley and I always wondered what it was like up there - have never been, so thanks for the photos and video!

  4. I love your blogs, you do such exciting things and tell such great stories.
    I've told @heatheralex she MUST take camera with her on our walks & take lots of photos :-)

  5. Wow that iz a fun walkies an happy purrday to typist. That wuz kewl when you saw Sidthecowtahoula an you iz vary braves to avoyd militaree akchunz in dat skardy place!

  6. What a great hike and fun way for your ooman to spend his birthday. he he - we liked dat cow picture too. Don't has cows with horns in our state.

  7. Holy cow, Marley (or mebbe better to rite Holy Big Skeery Cow with Big Horns, Marley!) that do be some hike you donned there from that book with a skeery cow and skeery war stuffs wot could blow you up and all. And 8 miles fur your little legs? That do be like 16 miles fur me! Nice job! And ♫ Happy Birfday to Typist ♫

  8. Happy birthday to your typist, Marley! I do luv reading about your walks so much and this one was no exception!

    Whot was with that'cow'? Here we do call the ones with giant horns 'bulls' or 'run for your life'!
    Cairn Cuddles,

  9. What a fab walkies. Belated birthday wishes to your typist.

    Love your blog so much. x

  10. Wow, what a beautiful place to walk. My humans does say dey is gonna come to da UK and see des beautiful walkin places one day. Wot a life for a border terrier in da UK! An pubs dat do let dogs inside - wot next!?

    I iz rilly impressed wiv how brave you were in da trenches my pal, an glad dat nufing happened to youse. It wud be truly umiliatin fur a BT to be injured wearin a coat.

    xx wags from Toronto

  11. Another great blog buddy, must have been a very long walk to see a scottish cow!
    *high paw*

  12. onestly Marley happy birthday to the thetypist n all that..... but seems like ewes n me is bruvversinarms. Think the Goose and Lola should do the outdoorsey CIA,FBI stuff and ewes n me should guard the couch and the tv wot you reckon?

  13. Wow, that scary animal can pick up some huge sticks! I think you were wise to stay away from it! Mind you, the highland cattle look pretty scary too!

    Glad you didn't get picked up by soldiers for terrier activities.

    Typist is lucky you took him for a lovely day out on his birthday!

  14. What a big adventure for the typist's birthday.

    I am so impressed you can walk so far with little legs. I have really long legs but an hours' walk at a time is enough for me.

  15. Great post marley - glad that you and the dog with no brain survived OK!

  16. Wow, what a wonderful walk. You are very lucky to have such picturesque scenery and pubs to go to.

  17. Just found this blog & aren't you funny Marley! I'm sure I'll be back! Oh & happy bday to the typist! :0)

  18. Hi Guyz
    Jimmy says ello, got any grapes?
    Jimmy xx


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