Thursday, 7 April 2011

Old yore orses

Alright, alright I is ere....phew, blimey.....wot is up wiv you lot? Can't a dog take a little oliday from bloggin wivout peeple goin crazee? Relax, I do be bloggin agane......*whispers*..altho personally I do blame typist who has been "travellin" and "werkin" ard or so he say and has been neglectin his real dooties....

No typist = no activitee
So...we was gettin a bit bored but then one of our pals from twitter (Ted who do be at @realjoannek) did say me I could be member of #destructogang wot is a club for doggies wot do be destroyin fings wiv they teef. I say him I dussn't do much destroyin but he say me my evil glare might be enuff to destroy skwirrel on its own....

*glare intensitee 101%*

...and guess wot? I is now a member of #destructogang and ere is my badge from Ted and @misspishposh......

Huh? There is more than one badge in the pakkit?

oh, phooey....Lola been invited in too.....

I haz eated mum's filofax....TWICE!!
...but then again she do more destructin than I do. In fact, she is quite parshull to eating anyfing wot do be left out when humans is goin out and we is locked in the kitchen. I eats nuffing but food....

Of corse, she try and suggest is a number of good reasons why fings has broken and it wazzunt her wot dunnit...

...and if that do not werk she is tryin to rationalise her akshuns and is turnin blanme back on the pawsons....

Anyway, our pals is rilly showin me ow to be a proper member of #destructogang....

I go for Gold Membership

...hmmm, Isaac has taken fings to logical conclooshen and is chewin his membership badge while Ted look on and shout encurryjmint.....

Circumstanshull evvydence only

....and @eddietheborder do be baskin in his triumff..... wot did this used to be?

...and is presentin his werk well for the judges...and Murfee (@no1border) is kwite proud of his mornin's efforts...

Wot? I don't do cleanin up....

and Reggie (@ChloesQuietRiot) has put his skillz to more productiv use and has disembowled his trainin rodent...

I is king, you is not king

 ....and Ollie (@thegobros) has been doin so much outreach werk for #destructogang that he has falled asleep on the job...

eatin is tirin a sunny day....and.....well....a dog gotta get his napz in.....

Snoozin....not destroyin
.....but typist say me there is a skwirrel in the garden so....*whooooooosh*......

...I see you later...and I am leevin #destructogang clubouse in capable paws of Wylie (bruvver to @zoetheborder)....


Bai for now....Marlee the Destroyer


  1. Wow Marley dat was a pawsome blog about da DestructoGang! I rilly amazin club an I fink we all has lots of fun belongin an rippin fings to shreds. I would like to point out dat some of da, erm, bodies can be used nicely as hats followin der...uh, demise.


  2. Great bloggy as always,Babes...the pics great,that Destructogang mean business !!! teehee

  3. Sorry but this made me smile, maybe Jed's not so bad after all, He has however an aversion to corners, he redesigned the coffee table, it now has no corners. he also destroys his toys, average life span 5 days.
    Great blog as usual.

  4. Oh Marley, that duss bring back some wonnerful memmeries of my years as a yungun when I nommed 12 remotes, 3 pair of eyeball glasses and the arm of the sofa... Ah, those woz the days. I would has been a shoo-in fur memmership.

  5. Oh blimy, Zack should join the club as he has destroyed many many many many many many many things since he has lived with us giving us many scares.

  6. Yep, another potential trainee for the destructogang here! He's polished off many a toilet roll/primark bag/entire contents of the bin in his 9 months!
    Loved the piccies :)

  7. Loved the post and piccies :)
    We have another potential trainee for the #destructogang here! Arnold's seen off many a garden plant/primark bag/toy/toilet roll/dustbin in his 9 months! ;)

  8. Can we join too, we have left many pairs of slippers & socks that get left on the floor in our wake and destuffed anything with eyes that be left lying about looking at us.

  9. I think I could do a number on the pillow you've been lying on! Looks like there is a lot of stuffing that should be on the outside! #destructogang

  10. What great pictures of #destructogang in action! I have posted too (but it's nowhere near as good as this post):


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