Monday, 11 April 2011

Pest control

I fink you wot do kno me do kno that I am always vigilant about guardin our ouse and makin sure there is no critters and varmints comin into the garden.....

Eternil vijjylance is price

....and dad say me I gotta be on speshul dooty this week and keepin eyes peeled and radar tooned to squirrel cos he did see evidence that sum introoders has beens ettin up shop in our villej....

House of ill repute

....but it is quite ard to be doin round-the-clock observayshuns when the sun do be shinin and the birds do be singin....

sekurity ammock: weapons not pictured
always maintain "ready" posture
Dad do say me I migh be regrettin it if I don't be keepin a close eye on all avenues of ingress and egress to Sector 4 particulalry......

Sector 4: probbly clear

.......but I am pritty conffydent that we would be aware of introoders due to complex system of alarms.....

testin system parammyters
......and kitchen do in any case be fitted wiv moshun-sensin devices wot do prevent unauthorised access too peeple wot do not ave the passwerds......

Behind me? Is not a pantomime u kno...
.....and all passwerds is kept safe and secure on my poota wot we do ave high up on the kitchen table.....

*tippety tappety*
.....and I haz been fru IT cataastrofee plannin only last week so is no way anyone be comin into my ouse and enjoyin my bed like some gharstly eppysode from Goldilocks and the Free Bears....

Who been sleepin in my bed? Only Marlee
......and dussnt even be finkin of jokin bout anyone eatin my noms......

*capshun deleted by censor* seem that praps not all sytems has been fully operayshunull according to instrukshun manual.....

A renactment from my brane..., there is only one fing for it if the brane do not be werkin.....and that do be to call for the mussels division of sector command.....

Lola be puttin the bitey on squirrel
......and that seemed to ave cleared up the problim for now......

pests: controlled

....which do leev me wiv time to get back to a detailed exammynayshun of all aspects of sekurity to ensure no further accidents.....

Plannin & Security Committee: in sesshun

Please be careful out there.......Colonel Marley.......woof x

ps: i do say for all my followers that me an Lola is extra appy if you is leavin comments for us and meowin and woofin for others to read an enjoy. Fanks. You can do that by clikkin "comments" linky at end of each post.


  1. Uz fink yoo iz doin a sterlin job oor furend in keping dem varmints at paws lenf!

    Mac, the Benster n Polly (her wot iz vewy gweedy)

  2. You really need to deal with your squirrel issues, M&L. Perhaps some therapy would help you to see them as friends ;o)

  3. Marley: I thinx I need you and Lola ova here to help install noo seckurity system as dere been skwirrels breakin through da perimeter in back yard.

  4. good job Marley those skwirrelz iz sneaky an cheeky creechures

  5. Excellent work! I feel so much safer from pesky squirrels now that I know Marley Terrier is on their case :o)

  6. I do love reading your posts Marley!

    And I especially liked to see how effective the Marley & Lola security team is. I can learn a lot from you both :-)

  7. This do be where hasing sisses do come in furry handy. I can be snoozing in my hidey spot without worries coz my sisses do sound the introoder alarm when skwerrels infiltrate and I can then fly like the wind out in the yard, secure the perimeter and get all the glory. If'n we has to live with them, we may as well make good use of them.

  8. Good job the family have got the ever vigilant Marley on security duties!
    What a good idea supervising Lola to do the grafting work too!

    p.s. If you've got squirrels in the garden I'd love to come & help with security!

  9. Wow, Marley, between Lola's oppressive rejeem earlier an dese squirrels you haf a lot on your plate! I must say I fink you handling everyfing rilly admirably.

    We did just see four squirrels on our walk, an was finkin it would be good to have you an Lola train us on ow to handle it. Mebbe you could do correspondence course online or sumfing?

    Great bloggy, pal! Licks x

  10. Pesky varmitcrittertypethingamabobs! Fergus caught his first frog of the year and is keeping a careful on the toad tadpoles in the pond. Lottie has been herding woodlice.

  11. Keep on top of those pesky squirrels - in Canada they run down holes here in the ground rather than up a tree!!!! You would have a field day.

  12. Dylan the Border

    I fink Lola is luverly, would she like to come over to my pad for an oliday? We's got frogs, mouses and pidgins and a compost bin an all. Any tips Marley on gettin it on wiv the gurls?

  13. Have you ever had a hedgie visit your garden? I bet your security system is so advanced that it can tell the difference between friendly hedgies and those unfriendly squirrels!! I will send out a call to my English brethren to help patrol Marleyland and keep those squirrely guys away from your noms!!

  14. he he- We always enjoy reading your bloggy. Umm, I think you'd better rethink your security system tho, those intruders are likely to be back again.

  15. It's funny...I always enjoy reading your blog but I rarely think to leave a comment! BOL! Keep up the great work!

  16. well dat be one good day in sequirity mission which u iz seem to ave mission possible i iz glad of dat we iz not av squirrelzs but we do ax hedgehoggy pooo which i iz likeling to roll in along wiv my little boy person ope to see u at borderfest! or catch up wiv me at luv n licks n tailwags Poppydog aka ValentinesLady xxxxx

  17. Marley you and Lola are expert at squirrel extermination. How do you be doing at hedgies?

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