Thursday, 8 December 2011

My pal @wildpaw on twitter do run a nice advent calendar for doggie peeple each year and she did arsk me to write sumfink innit agane this year so I dunnit. She ave gived me kind permishun to reprodoose it ere....but I do also say for you to go and visit the collander yorself and you can find it here ADVENT COLLANDER   and you do see me in 5 December...

Ello for you an appy Chrismuss for you an yore familee. It do be me, Marley, again.
Larst Chrissmuss I was talking to you about a doggie called Scampie who was livin at the Bath Cats & Dogs Home and was avin trubble finding a furever ome. Poor old Scampie do still be there and we is still tryin to elp him out. You can see some informations about Scampie here 

This year, my pals in Bath and me does also be askin you if you could be makin a appy furever ome for a young lady…*blushin*… who do be called Maggie. You can be seein Maggie ere on the websites 

Our writer today, Marley

I fink we can all agree that Maggie do be quite the beauty…(way out of my leeg *sigh*)…and my pal Janine at the ome do say she does be appy to gib you kisses and is waggin her tails all the time…Janine also say me that in the offis, and in a ome environment, she is the friendliest cutest fing, always a big smile on her face and very playful….As you can see from her pishures tummy rubbins are a favrit….

Beautiful Maggie who needs a home

So wot ome she need? Eh? Well these is the fings wot Janine say me do be best…
  • no young children, no dogs, no small animals or cats. Maggie do be a bit unsure bowt uvver dogs and is barkin at em…
  • somewun around most of the day.
  • Very, very secure ome and gardin -Fort Knox or similar would be good cos Maggie like to do escaping. Mebbe a flat would be good cos then when she go out for doin her bizniss she be on a lead and not be gallopin away..
  • somewun to continue her training – she ave no recall and is strong on da lead and needs to continue her socialisayshun. If they live close then she can work for free with the BCDH behaviour team even after bein adopted.
  • A eggsperienced dog owner who won’t be fazed by any of this, preferablee experienced wiv terriers/patterdales.
Duz you ave room in your eart for Maggie? I ope so. I is desperate for her to ave a furever ome and I do offer one hundred pownds of my own Chrissmuss money to meet vet and food bills for anyone who do take her and love her like my pawsons do love me.

*sad eyes*Marley


  1. Awww that Maggie do look like a sweetie. I hope she find a great home soon like we have.

  2. What lovely dogs I hope they find their forever homes.

  3. It would be nice to have Maggie here. I tried to peek at number 11 in the calendar...but I was caught...

  4. I hope you get a new heart my friend. *hugs* and love.


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