Monday, 26 December 2011

Runnin abowt

Ello for you. As many of you do kno, the typist has been runnin 1,000 miles for Dogs Trust in 2011. He did start runnin on New Years Day and on Christmas Day he set off on da very final and last mile....for reasons I dussnt understand he did decide to take Lola wiv him...

Smilin...despite of "Santa Paws"....
....mebbe cos he know she slow him down a bit cos she do not like runnin too fast and also has to stop for call of nature about every 500 yards....but she seem to ave cope and here is a little movee they done make wiv da elp of Willium...

....and ere they is returnin ome to sellybrayshuns....

....whilst Lola choose to mark da okayzhun by givin dad a nostrilizin...

Don't be makin me do that agane pleez...
...and I did greet them and take my rightful place in da victory photos on basis of not wantin to be left out avin been the main organizer of fings...

Credit to me...and him...

Enuff wavin....they are ere to see me...
So, the stoopid project is at an end and, whilst we be typin, kind peeples wot we kno haz donated £1,318 to Dogs Trust and we do all say fanks for dat and I also I do say to Mr Osborne that he had better be coughin up the gift aid or I shall be puttin the bitey on him... is right to look worried...

If you would like to donate still, you can do say be going HERE and we ope you haz some munnee left over from Xmas to elp doggies find furever omes. 

Fanks to all you wot be elpin out wiv suppawt and fundraisin.  Typist ave run 1,000 miles and ave been runnin for almost 6 days in total. He ave run in England, Skotland (land of big airy cows), Dubai, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. He ave been out in sun, rain, snow and wind and he ave recently been runnin wiv a cold and chest infeckshun all so he could make sure he could finish in time to bring some Chrissmuss cheer for little doggies wot need it. We was all very sad when we returned ome from the final run to here that our dear little pal Mac from twitter had passed away. He was a very kind little border terrier and he do leev his brofur Ben and cuzzin Polly behind wiv hia peeple, Jill and Norm. We do dedicate da Final Mile to the memry of Mac. Run free little man...

Owly Images

RIP Mac.........woof....Marley


  1. Well reported Marley! You are a good organizer! Well done!!!

  2. Well done Marley! A fine effort by all concerned and I liked the way that you organised the church bells to ring in celebration at the finish.

    PS You may be needed to put the bitey on Mr Osborne anyway....

  3. PepiSmartDog: Congratulations to both of you, Marley & Dad !! Ur dad couldn't have done it without Ur precision planning & strategies, not to mention all Ur pep talks U had to give, to keep him going !
    Job well done to "dad" ! YAYY for all those miles for Dogs Trust ! Huge effort !!
    I am going to write an article about your friend Mac, and you dedicating your last mile of the run to him.
    Marley you & dad have really achieved something great, that not many could ever do ! HUGS XXX :=o)

  4. WOW, I is very impressed that your typist ran 1,000 - that's awesome. Congratulations to Typist for his accomplishment.

  5. RIP Mac indeed. Very sad. Brilliant job on the running though. What a fabulous amount of cash to have raised. Well done!

  6. Well done, mum can't even run a mile....BOL
    Good to see Lola running too hee hee
    RIP Mac

  7. Cocats Marley to you an your dad, thats pawsome you rayzed lotsa green papers fur teh doggys. *softpaw* fur sweet Mac.

  8. Wow, what an accomplishment. Congrats to all. Love the santa suit Lola!!!!!

  9. I hate to woof this Marley, but that Lola looks like a pritty good runner. She did keep up nicely even with the santa outfit weighing her down. I woz rilly worried, tho, that she did not see the car barreling down on them. I had to close my eyes and peek through my paws coz I did not want to see roadkill typist and roadkill Lola, YIKES! But seeing as they both survived, congratulashuns to you all fur your hard werks and running around the werld and stuffs.

  10. Congratulations, what an awesome effort. Go Team Marley. So whats on the agenda for next year coach Marley.

  11. Congratulations, what an awesome effort. Go Team Marley. So whats on the agenda for next year coach Marley.

  12. You rock typist. Pawsome achievement. RIP Mac

  13. Zoe the Border (an Wylie too)27 December 2011 at 18:31

    Congradulayshuns on your huge accomplishment Marley's Dad (and Lola). Of course we all dus know dat wivout Marley's leadership an direcshun it all would have gone pear-shaped. Dat goes wivout saying!

    So impressive and love da final update. Put yer feet up Dad!

    RIP lil Mac.

  14. Well done on completing your challenge. Hope both you and Marley are feeling better x
    RIP Mac

  15. Congratulations and well done Typist. Think you should put your feet up and rest with Marley now for a while. Trust that Lola to try and take the glory at the end! RIP Mac


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