Thursday, 5 July 2012

Big news for little me...

Ello for many of you do kno i haz anuvver blog HERE where we do play a game called #flatmarley for elpin to raise munnee for Dogs Trust and Terrier Rescue....we is also postin here today's #flatmarley blog cos it was such big news and we fink you might all like to hear bout it...

Dear pals....we bring you huge news today.....yesterday #flatmarley was trendin on twitter in the UK .....lookey lookey we got evvydence...

...clicks to biggify and look on left... amazin stuff and do take us by surprise....we do take it as drawin power of dear Bunners who was star of yesterday's blog....and we do pay tribyoot to our deal pal @piprufus1 whose idea it was to play #flatmarley last year....we haz raised almost £1,500 for doggie charitees so far and I do ope there be more to testymint to all of you who is playin the game, donatin your munnee and readin our blog....see what we can do if we werks together...

...and as you can see, i haz been hard at werk at ome of Dogs Trust snoopervisin staff and makin sure that fings be runnin propply...cos it do not pay to rest your butt on your laurels... haz money? I haz place to put it...

....and I finally got chance to meet up wiv @kelsoterrier from Dundee to discuss success...

....he wuz tiny bit smaller than I was expectin...
.....and i just say might be a small break in the blog for the next 10 days cos I do be goin on olliday...i looks forward to seein you all when I gets back. 

Woofhoo.....*appy dancin*.....Marley

p.s. i ope my pals on this blog can join in and play #flatmarley too. All da rools and regs for the game is on the other blog and be very no winners, just fun and elpin doggies.



  1. WOW, Marley - that's quite an honor to be trending on Twitter. You are doing a good job for your charity - they are lucky to have you working on their behalf.

  2. Wow, how pawsome that #flatmarley be famuss now! Hope you has a fangtabulous time on your vacay! Or as you say ofur there in the You-Kay, olliday!

  3. Well done trending on twitter Marley. Have a great Thursday!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Marley I is so appy for you!!!! Congratoolations on being even more amazing than usual and all the good work you is doing!! Ip Ip ooray for Marley and his squished self #FlatMarley!

  5. Hello Marley,

    what a nice blog you have, i follow you now.
    If you like come to visit me on my blog too, ok?
    Have a nice sunday.
    Woof, woof,


  6. Wow, yous doing a great job there Marley helpin out those porr doggies.

  7. Hi guys Barnie Bordoggy Terrier has nominated your blog
    for this coming 'Share it Sunday' on my blog. Barnie was last Sundays guest bloggers. Just pop by and let me know if it OK to show case you on Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Oh paw dear re Molly's comment, I see you would be holiday! Ah well that does take precedence - we were away there for a few days too, its contagious! think I am gonna have to put flat Marley in a poly pocket and take him out whether he likes it or not, well its water proof and it won't stop raining, I know he doesn't like the rain - thankfully we have a few more weeks of "erm, Summer" I believe they call it left to send in a picture? Take care, Barnie x


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