Sunday, 10 February 2013

Doctor Clapton, Phd

Hello everybody....we have had a very educational day today....although it started off with a very soggy wait at the train station.....

Brrrrrrr...I am glad the typist has a new waterproof jacket with big, where is that train?

We've arrived in London....but we appear to be descending into the centre of the earth....can I slide down the middle? .......spoilsport.....

We are down in the Waterloo on the Northern's very busy because it's Chinese New Year and everyone is heading up to China Town....Kung hei fat choy!

Will I finally be spotted by @dogsontrains ? They didn't even like by picture on the Eurostar so probably not.....

I must say I am very fond of is that young man doing in the background? 

Let's see if we can put his skills to the test......mmmmm....a large pepperoni pizza with added anchovies and olives.....nom nom

Something to warm those cold paws on before lunch arrives.....

I suppose i could save one slice for later......

Hee hee....we did not come all the way to London for lunch. Here we are at the British Museum....even William said he did not mind coming.....can you see all the umbrellas? let's get inside quick....

They have  a very famous roof here made by Sir Norman Foster the famous lets all the light into the middle of the building....

No wonder this Greek gentleman isn't smiling...he's bust....HE'S BUST...geddit? Is this microphone on?

Let's say this is an exhibit and not just a tourist suffering from jet lag.....shhhhh...just in case.....

This ancient Egyptian really speaks my language .......*yak yak yak*

We studied a potted history of Rome....a POTTED history!...geddit?...."Taxi for Mr Clapton"....

Now....which way did mummy go?

Mummy!.....oh come on, this is my best material....

Do you have this in my size?...yes, I am a fully qualified Samurai....

I'll have the special fried rice.....2,000 year old scroll you say?....

I got the distinct feeling that everyone in the lobby was calling me Big Nose....

Goodness me Madam....put your clothes back on!.....

I finished my trip in Old Pompeii....what could possibly go wrong.....
At this point, the iBone battery gave up and so we did not get any photos on the way home...but that was mostly just a soggy bus ride and the typist snoring on the train....we learned a lot at the Museum and we have put it on our list of Favourite Places to Go....I am going to write to them to claim by Phd in Old Stuff....

Wooof....Clapton, Border Terrier HQ


  1. Wow Clapton you had a splendid day, we loved your jokes ROTFBAL , Mum sez to tell you she was always tempted to go weeeeeeeee down the middle of the escalators too!

  2. I din't nose dey allowed fotografy in da bm dat be noose Clapton did you sneek da pice of pizza out an eat it on da way ome whilst typist was indisposed?

  3. BOL Clapton! Educational and hilarious! *high paws* That pizza looks delicious. *licks chops* I hope you got your fair share.

  4. What a wonderful and educational day. Where's your rain coat
    Benny & Lily

  5. Wot an interestin day yoo had pal. I laffed at yor jokes - honest.

  6. Love the tour of the museum and London. Get homesick when I see the english sights and rain - funny but true!!! Wish Zack could see it. Just so you know, Zack has ordered a new brother - cousin of Clapton - can't wait til he arrives. Thanks for the info.

  7. Awww, cute little woofie... I bet you'd never DREAM of thwocking a handsome mancat...

  8. purrfect day out Clapton ty so much for sharing with us *envious ears*

  9. Wowee, what a great day, very envious!

  10. woowie Clapton u haz bean buzy keeping typist and willium up on their hizstory! well dun youz. love hearing all your adventures keep dem coming - mum hopes to take little ikes soon but dey have to be bit more older to go :) await your next installments for de BAFTA?? much love Miss Poppy xxxx

  11. WOW - what a great trip you were on. Loved seeing your pictures too.

  12. I had to show this to my mom coz she do pawticularly like the mummies. Why, I dunno, she just be weird like that.

  13. is a great blog there clapton. you does have grand adventures!
    Eddie the Border (& Cav)

  14. What a wonderful trip you had. Great eats too!

  15. You is quite the dawg about town Clapton. I am still drooling over that pizza.


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