Saturday, 2 February 2013


Hello my dear friends....i am always busy at the weekend and today I was very concerned to put some new food out for the birds in our garden because they have eaten all the fat balls we put out for them when it was we are at the tree....

....the coconut shall is empty of mealworms and the bowl of cereals and seeds is empty...I am fairly sure the birds ate it all....what other explanation could there be?....
....speak up I cant hear you.....*listens*....behind me? What's behind me?

....i dont think we have time for games my friends....I have to go inside and start work on lunch....i think maybe some of you need a are seeing things.....

....and what's more I intend to leave the back door open so that Lola can come and go as she pleases....she likes to make sure there are no intruders in the garden...and I like the fresh air in the kitchen whilst the oven is can get very stuffy in there......
....oh...i hear Miss Lola calling me from the garden.....she says we have a very special visitor....I wonder who that could be...most of our guests come through the front doubt Lola will give the new arrival a proper security snootering to be on the safe side......

oh happy day! is our baboon from the Isle of Wight....let me explain...our dear old friend @kolo_martin, who is the most important baboon on twitter, finds and rehomes baboon on his island and he said that he had found a very special baboon to come and live with us....he is the only baboon who looks like Mr Kolo who has ever been allowed to leave the Isle of Wight

....i thought it might be nice to give our guest a little snack....and this was the most baboony thing I could think of....although apparently Mr Kolo has been keeping him going on a diet of pizza and cake....our guest told us that at Baboon HQ there is even a baboon called Marley! can catch up with all the doings from Baboon HQ HERE and see all the other re-homed baboons who are living round the world thanks to Mr Kolo....

....of course, I had to allow him to take a peek at twitter so he could see what all of his family are up to....he liked our columns and we explained our system to him so that he will be able to give proper instructions to the Typist when he needs to send tweets......

....Miss Lola reminded me that if our guest was going to stay we had to give him a proper name to show how important he is....we sat in the comfy chair and had a big long think about it....Pillow Marley joined in you know, we like a musical theme to our names in this house and so, in honour of Marley and his very old pal Mr Kolo, we have decided to call our baboon Peter Tosh...can you guess why? That's right....Peter Tosh was one of the original Wailers alongside Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer....

We are looking forward to lots of fun adventures with Peter Tosh...and I hope he can come with me on some of my travels......It has also been a very big week for me because our friends @lillieandarchie on twitter sent me my very own super-hero cape.....Miss Sharon made it for me with her very own paws....we shared my measurements via a tweet and as you can see it's just right!!... Infinity and beyond!!!!....oh no, that wont do I think someone else has used that catchphrase....

.....its a perfect fit....and the bow really shows off my fur to its best......

....see how the cape has a proper swoosh to it......

...I hope it will help me to fly....i shall be soon solving minor crimes.....tidy those pencils if you don't want a visit from Super Clapton...

We hope to be making a Super Clapton movie this weekend if the weather stays good....


  1. Great bloggy...Peter Tosh is a hunk !!!Perfect size for snuggles...and how smart is your Supercape !!! Lola is looking verry pretty

  2. Woooo what a week you are having! I think Peter Tosh is a great name for a baboon. I knew he would fot right in with you and you have trees and bananas! Perfect! Thank you for giving him a happy home. He will repay you with hugs! Hugs hugs hugs

  3. wundahful blog clapton nd yay welcum too peter tosh... i fink hee will fit in beary well!

  4. YAY - you got one of the rehomed Baboons too. Kolo is the best baboon rehomer there ever was. That's so exciting. (shhh - M says to tell your mom that the baboon is really good at cooking meals too, so put him to work. he he - Love the story as to how all your animals got their names. Very very cleaver.

  5. Excellent blog again Clapton! Welcome Peter

  6. Wowserz Clapton! A monkee pal! Ee look fun! Iz e shy - idin in twee? Gwate blog gen pal! Can no wayt to weed mor of yooz adventyas wiv Peter!

  7. Looking forward to the movie Clapton. Thats a very swish cape.

  8. I'm glad that Peter Tosh has arrived & settled in. I haz a little baboon pal here called Arthur who also came from the Isle of Wight.
    Looking forward to seeing Super Clapton saving da werld

  9. A wonderful blog Clapton did you know that me and my human brothers have musical names too, I'm Martha (my dear) Tommy's middle name is Dylan (Bob) and Jacks middle name is Gram (Parsons) so we think Peter Tosh is an absolutely marvellous name xxxx

  10. Wow how buzy have you been??!! I love your cape! And hello to mr peter tosh!

  11. Welcome Peter Tosh - can't wait to hear more about you!!!

  12. Eddie the Border5 February 2013 at 17:18

    Excellent blog pal, and I loves your new cape! wot fab adventures you and Lola will have wif yor new pal

    Love Eddie (and Cav)

  13. That is just too funny, will be back :) Pop by our pad for some bacon :) xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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