Friday 13 December 2013

Border Terrier HQ gears up for Christmas

Hello my friends…..we are gearing up for Christmas at Border Terrier HQ….

…..a very exciting parcel arrived in the post from our good friend @helenAstick… beautiful they look no?….

……and look who was inside…..its a lovely border terrier called Mr Bob……..I like his very smart Christmas sweater…...

…..he was not alone!….he arrived with Mr Jerry too…..I took them both for a walk so they could stretch their legs after such a long journey…...

……they will both be brightening our Christmas tree this year…..that will make six terriers in total at Border Terrier HQ this Christmas….Miss Lola, me, Mr Jerry, Mr Bob, the Colonel and Miss Islay……the Colonel and Miss Islay arrive next week for their two week stay-cation…..we are super excited to have them here again….

…..and we also delegated to get cards from the three doggies that we sponsor at Dogs Trust…its Miss Amelia,  Mr Freddie and Mr Ronnie (left to right)….we wish them and all the doggies and staff at Dogs Trust a very happy Christmas….
….you can find Mr Bob and Mr Jerry at Miss Helen's Etsy shop right HERE…..there is lots of pawsome doggie stuff for all occasions….

Happy Christmas my friends….Clapton...


  1. Bob and Jerry are truly excellent BT names! Thank you for showcasing my little chaps, hope they dont get vertigo. Hx ;-)

  2. Bob and Jerry are Cute... We have heard of TOM and Jerry butt THEY are either cartoons or a delicious DRINK.
    thanks fur Sharing the Joy Clapton And Happy Christmas to YOU and YOURS.

  3. Thats alot of terriers in one house for Christmas. Have fun!!!

  4. What lucky dog you are Clapton and what pretty dogs you got. I love friends

  5. Hope you've written your list for Santa and stocked up on Wagg treats if your going to have that many borders you don't want to run out!


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