Wednesday, 4 December 2013

From me to you...

Hello my friends, Clapton here. Today is a very sad day at Border Terrier HQ as it is the first anniversary of old Marley passing away over the rainbow bridge. As some of you know, he tried to leave a little message for you all last year but an accident prevented it from being available for more than a few minutes. Typist and I have worked to retrieve it and we are publishing it for you now. We will spend the day thinking about the dear old boy and walking to his favourite places. So, here is Marley's last message in full.we choose to think of him in happier times

Ello my dear pals......i do not kno ow to start this blog for you....i haz some news which i fink you mite not like....
As you all do know, I haz been battlin wiv a pawly heart for about 15 muffs now....and i haz been consultin wiv my cardiganologist at all stages and bein a good doggie and takin my meddysins even when i dint like em.....


The troof be that we did not be talkin too much about ow my illness was affectin me cos we did not want to be worryin you all......from time to time it ave been quite da eadache....

...brane aches from too much finkin....

...there haz been trubble breevin, loss of appytites an weakness in I legs....but over da last few munffs the affect of my illness is gettin more seeryuss and my abilitee to recover haz been gettin less an less...i dint be doin much walkin..... transpawts only for me...

....and not so much of anyfing in fact. Even my famuss appytites ave been not wot it once was....

....barley adequate supplies....

....and i haz to spend an increasin amount of time in ospital for days on end and then recoverin at ome......we mite haz kept these news from you....

...fully paid-up member of staffs...

....a few weeks ago, we did move onto some meddysin wot was the last resort for me.....and Mr Dennis did say me it would give me a few weeks or munffs of an the typist an mum did ave a long tork about it and i did make them promiss me not to send me back to ospital any more cos it be too tirin for me and that I prefer to spend my time at ome wiv Lola and da familee and not to ave lonely nights in an oxygen kennel wivout my blankkit....

...just oxgen right...not goin to moon?..., a few days ago my breevin did take a turn for the worse and it seem that the tabblits was not able to deal wiv da bild up of flooids on my lungs.....I did spend 36 hours campin in da kitchen wiv da typist and takin emergencee levels of tabblitts and seein if I could get my strengff up to fight off the bad fings wot be appenin to me..... tired on Toosday..

...on Toosday mornin I did whisper in typist ear that praps there duss be no more wot i could do....i did ave a long cuddle wiv Willium and one also wiv mum and then typist did carry me out to da garden and we did walk round and he did show me all the places where I used to visit an leev peemails and places where I sat when I did be scared of da big oven or for barkin at Biskit Cat from next door and the spot by the fence where I did say ello for Mavis next door and of corse various spots for barkin at squirrels and uvver introoders....the sky was bloo and the sun did shine and we did ave a appy tork and left some final peemails....from there we did go to see my pals at Ashtead Vets.....they had put out a nice fluffy sheepskin blankkit for me and I did lay down for a rest.....Sarah did get a speshul injeckshun ready for me wot she say me would make my trubbles go away and I close my eyes and rest my head on the typist's arm and suddenly I could breev again and my eart was beatin strong an regular and the air was warm and I ave strengff back in my legs and was running fast across the fields....I did see my pals dear Dusty, Pepi and Bunners and Amish and Gretchen an Jeep and Petie and Mookie and other sweet doggies and kittehs I did know from twitter who ave passed across the Rainbow Bridge....for that is where I am now pals...

Duss not be sheddin tears my chums....i do be appy now and free of trubbles.....i ave loved and lived a life full of good fings and did be appy and did try my best to be terrier-tuff at all times....squirrels haz not slept peas-fully in their beds on my wotch.

...I waves a fond farewell to my dear pals at North Downs Specialist Referrals who ave dedicated so much time to lookin after me...Sam an Sarah an Joao and the nursin staff and a speshul paw-wave of corse to Mr Simon Dennis, the Cardiganologist, who do be my great pal furever and a great an kind man....and also to Sarah and Melissa and the nurses at Ashtead Vets and to Megan and the other vets at North Surrey Veterinary Emergencies (and of corse Gaucho the border terrier who greet new payshunts there) ....they was all lookin after me and was so kind and spendin so much time lookin after a little brown dog.....

...pawsome profeshunulls....

I see you agane one day dear the meantime, Lola be in charge....

...already on patrol....

....woof....Marley in da the clouds...

....appier days....


  1. Oh pal yoo az mom blubbin gen! We misses yoo nd fink bowt yoo evri day pal - but we noze yoo famli did da bes fing fur yoo nd dat yoo is api OTRB. We wil br fureva gwateful dat we did get to meet yoo nd be inspire by yoo pal - yoo iz a vedi speshul likel bwown dog!

  2. Oh pal yoo az mom blubbin gen! We misses yoo nd fink bowt yoo evri day pal - but we noze yoo famli did da bes fing fur yoo nd dat yoo is api OTRB. We wil br fureva gwateful dat we did get to meet yoo nd be inspire by yoo pal - yoo iz a vedi speshul likel bwown dog!

  3. Marley we miss you too. Our bloggys mean that our bt familees are bigger than most. We hope you is trainin up the goose to catch squirrels and she is training you up on the best way to catch possums. Wuzzes from the Bodester & Euan.

  4. That was very beautifully written.

  5. Leaky eyes, we miss you dear boy. Clapton and Lola are doing a great job. we were thinking of you today, as mum had a note in her diary to send you a little prayer.

  6. Well, I never thought we'd be hearing from you on this day, Marley. Through blurry eyes, I'm very happy to have done so. Bless you, keep those sqwirls in check up there!

  7. Ok, I couldn't help it - lots of tears were shed reading - we all miss you Marley - hope you are running through the clouds and watching how everyone still loves you down here.

  8. Lovely to hear from you again pal - you is never far from our fought and we as just sent a box of goodies to your house! All our love always - I ope you is aving fun up in rainbow bridge.

  9. Oh, firstest Twitter pal...I do think of you often and miss you something terribles. I know, I know...I will see you when it is my time to go OTRB and I sure hope you will be the first one in line to greet me. Thank you for still stopping by my blog, when you is able to get wifi in the clouds.
    Your good pal,

  10. *gets teary eyed* you were so strong and brave and left a legacy of the #btposse behind. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

  11. Very nice sweetie. I miss you too

  12. Pawsome blog lil man - thank you for the gift you have given me #BTposse - you will live on fur-ever dear pal x

    1. Fank you Marley fur all your hard werk teechin us furs to spel. We is crying here finking abowt yew. We know Rainbow Bridge is in safe paws. xx

    2. Fank you Marley fur all your hard werk teechin us furs to spel. We is crying here finking abowt yew. We know Rainbow Bridge is in safe paws. xx

  13. Dear lovely Marley, mum in tears again, however we are raising a glass tonight to celebrate the joy that you brought to so many of us through the #btposse. we miss you so much but clapton & lola carrying on you legacy in style. I salute you xx your pal @cornishbarney

  14. We miss your wonderful blogs although Clapton is doing sterling work.Hope you are safe and happy Marley,running free x

  15. Dear Marley, yoo haz dis dalek flowin wit tears, pal. Yoo wuz sush a bwight light for so menny furz an hoomans. Beloved doggie.

    Mista Hippy

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  17. I duz be hearin dat ova da rainbow yooz haz giant squizzers to chase! Zoom fast wee pal. We duz be stayin troo to da BT legacy wot yoo did leave :-)


  18. I miss my pal, Marley's "Ello fur you." I miss that little brown dog.

  19. Oh, Marley. We think of you often and will remember you always. Keep on running free Little Brown Dog x

    @ernietheborder @clairetweet @theboywhoeats and @themanwhomakes.

  20. Miss you Marley, sure you are having happy carefree runs in the warm and sunny fields with Esi the dog with the big boots to fill who cam before me.

  21. We read this message when he first posted reading it again has moved us to tears . He was such a thoughtful dog doing so much for those less fortunate . We is only two beaglis and not part of the posse but we miss him
    Millie and Evie

  22. I cannot beleef it has been one year alreddy. It do feel like yesterday my pal Marley depawted fur the bridge. My eyes is all leaky reading Marley's last message. The Lola, she be doing a fine job being in charge but still miss you, pal!

  23. *sniff*

    I miss you....


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