Thursday, 15 May 2014

Movie night

I met up with a loaaaaad of my friends at the weekend…..Mr Rohan took some very nice footage of us all….the meeting (or a tweet-up as we on Twitter call it) took place at Headley Heath….this is VERY near to where I live and also was old Marley's favourite place in all the world….we realised that although many of our pals on Twitter have seen this movie that our overseas pals (I am thinking of you Frankie Furter and you Mr Bodie…and you too Mr Zack) may not have seen it….

…Mr Rohan sensibly decided not to put too much footage of me or the typist in this one…..Mr Rohan does exceptionally good movies….so we thought we would share some more with you…..

…here is one from Yorkshire last summer….and you will see that I AM in this one….

…and here is one from Headley last year too…typist and I are both in this one…as is Miss Lola!!….

…Miss Lola did not come this year as she is still going through her extra training regime so she doesn't do any more fighting with other doggies and we did not want to risk a big group for her at the moment….

Mr Rohan does lots of great videos and you can see them all on his YOUTUBE channel right HERE ….

..oh oh…and here's another one from my good pal and all round hero Mr Benson…(he has wheels!!)…

Hurray….Clapton, Border Terrier HQ…


  1. look very dapper in that video, waving to us all. I wish I was a BT so I could be part of the BTPosse...and I also wish I lived in the UK so I could go to all these cool meet-ups and visit with everyone in pawson! Maybe in my next life, eh? And you are right...Rohan's dad does excellent video! Woof-hoo!
    Your pal,

  2. OMD THANK YOU fur putting this up fur us BLOG ONLY types... WE LOVED the Picnic Video... We loved all the videos... butt the PICNIC one was super DUPER.. So many of the BT POSSE there ... all having FUN together... So MANY WAGGING TAILS.
    THANKS SO MUCH fur SHARING with us.

  3. Oh my! You look so happy to see every buddy. What fun
    Lily & Edward

  4. Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! Lucky woofie!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, it really meant a lot to me and Rumblemum. I'm feeling way better now, and we sure appreciated you keeping us in your thoughts.

  5. Love it! What great videos, and even a mention on the radio! cool or what....

  6. Thanks for sharing your videos. Wow so many little brown dogs. We only ever manage to see about 1 or 2 at a time on our walks. But we have heard that BTs are the most registered breed where you live Clapton.

  7. Awww fanx Clapton - we ad furgotten bowt sum dem bwil vidyos! Iz bwill to see dem gen! We luvs stawin in dem! *giggle* fab job!

  8. What great videos. I get homesick seeing the countryside even though I have lived in Canada 28 years now. I wish Zack and Molly could experience the lush green fields and all the other borders!!!! Although we did meet another little border girl in the park the other day here YAY


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