Friday, 19 June 2009

The Big Walk

Today has been the best of days and the worst of days for us. Our little boy William went off for a 3-night away school trip this morning and we are sad not to have him around this weekend, especially Lola. She gave him an all-over lick before he left and he rewarded her with a game of ball.

Once he was gone, mummy, daddy, Lola and I went to Headley Heath for our epic walk to Mickleham. It was a good job William was not with us as he hates this walk - how far is it? how long will it take? are we there yet?, ARE WE THERE YET?? It was 5.5 miles there and back and we were very tired on our return. However, we managed to build ourselves a small shelter for future expeditions, as you can see.

The most exciting bit was finding a pile of freshly sheared sheep wool in a field near the village. Mummy said I approached it as if it was a sleeping mammoth (well, it did smell like an animal!) and Daddy said we had to get out of there fast before I discovered it was the world's most comfortable place for a nap and might never leave.
We lunched at the King William IV pub (sandwiches for the hoomans and a cooling bowl of water and crusts for Lola and I). I did think this a most appropriate venture in view of our own missing "King" William.

We finally wound our way back home and have collapsed across Daddy's legs whilst he and Mummy watch a movie. When I wake I must get back to my twitter pals. A dog's work is never done in cyberspace.
Barks of Love to you all.

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