Sunday, 21 June 2009

My Hair

Lola needs a hair cut. That got me thinking about our nice coat and I found this lovely description at

"The dual coat of the Border Terrier often allows for a soft layering of colors. It is not uncommon to find Border Terriers with a salt and pepper appearance, often called grizzle. They can also be found in what is called a red grizzle, wheaten or sometimes just plain tan. While the coat can sometimes be long and a bit tousled [Lola], there are other dogs whose wiry coat is fairly smooth [Me]. On the face, the hair is tame with a bushy muzzle, giving the appearance of dense whiskers.

When it comes to a durable, weather resistant double coat, a good brushing two times per week is the most recommended method of care. As with all dogs whose coats consist of dual layers, bathing should only take place when necessary [Humans please note]. Frequent bathing will eventually wash away valuable oils trapped in the undercoat. Without these oils, the skin not only loses its defense but the coat's ability to remain weatherproof is greatly diminished. A simple brushing will distribute these oils to the right places.

Since clipping a Border Terrier's hair can have a negative effect on regrowth, a method called stripping is recommended instead. Stripping is the act of removing hair that is blown, or growing out and dead, by hand. Going with the direction of hair growth in an area, one grasps the blown hairs between the forefinger and thumb and gently removes them with no stress to the animal whatsoever [Lola has asked me to point out that this is all relative]. Stripping knives are a tool commonly used to remove more hair faster. While it requires time and experience, the entire body, from tail to muzzle, can be stripped. One can either strip out their dog's hair over a period of days or seek out a professional groomer who is likely to take only one or two hours to complete the task.

Incidentally, not all Border Terriers will require stripping. It is not unheard of for some Border pups to come into the world with a simple single coat of wiry hair. As these dogs will do little in the way of shedding, they make a top pick for dog lovers who suffer from allergies."

Marley xx

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