Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm Lola BT

Hello my name is Lola BT and Ive come to talk to all my border terrier buddys. Me and Marley have to sneak on to here without being seen by hoomans just to able to blog. We'll always try to blog a couple of times a day. Hopefully you'll eventually be able to see the world of border terrier through the eyes of me. WOOF! WOOF!


  1. Hi Lola and Marley.....I sneak on here too when my pet is in the bath....I live in the UK
    on the south blog
    Woofs x

  2. Maggie says she is cutest! (Sorry - she says she just had to call it like it is and tell the truth!) Genie (Maggie & Me, Ithaca, NY)

  3. Flooey, people say Lola is cutest! Grrrr I am obvioulsy more 'ansome than her


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