Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The troof, the ole troof and nuffink but...

My frend Nayomee do want me to join in a game on our blog. We gotta answer sum questions wot she has made up and then we gotta do some more questions for some frends of ours. We doin it cos Nayomee do ave some border terriers of her own (Jeep n Diesel) and we kno she treats em very well.

Ere do be the questions and I say I ain't done no revisin nor nuffink for this test.

What is your favourite name for a girl that you haven’t used for any of your own children?

You fink I got children? I dussnt got no children cos I did ave the snip and did wear the cone after. One name I not usin is Lola, cos that is name for doggies wot do try and boss me about and steal my chews. I finkin mebbe we choosin a singer's name, cos I do be named after a singer. If i had a boy pup, we callin him Clapton and if we haz a girl then we callin it Ella.

If you could live in any country EXCEPT the one you live in now which would you choose and why?

I am goin to the country where they haz the most squirrels wot I can chase. Somewhere where they is bizee and might not notice me sneakin up on em...

Chocolate or chips – if one was to be banned which would you pick?

I dussn't be allowed to eats choklit so I don't mind if it was banned....but then my friend Henry the bear would be upset and I wouldnt like that. So mebbe chips..

If you won a million on the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

This one do be easy, I would buy a separate bed for Loa cos she always hoggin mine....or mebbe some dog beer.....or mebbe a squirrel gun....or mebbe a ticket so could go and visit my pal Kolo Martin in Isle of Wight....or mebbe I pay to fix up Atlantis for Lexie...or mebbe a new iBone 4...or mebbe some extra noms....or mebbe some chews....or mebbe another little brother to come liv wiv us...see it do be easy one that

What catches your eye first in a member of the opposite sex?

Some nice airy legs and some doggie breath....

Trapped on a dessert island you can only have one book to read, which would you pick?

[SPOILER ALERT: he dussn't make no frend]

You get out of a store and realise you have something in your hand you didn’t pay for. You got away with it. Do you return it? Or keep quiet and keep it?

Pay? You gotta pay for fings in shops? When they start that? I better go ask dad for some elp...

What always cheers you up?

I likes to ave sumfink nice to eat....

You have a whole day to yourself, but no money or internet. What would you do and would it be heaven or hell?

I fink I gonna sink into depresshun if I dussn't be able to talk wiv my friends on Twitter. It could end badly....

Where will you go when you die?

I finks for sure I gonna pay for wot I did to them squirrels. Mebbe ...

Now i gotta tell some frends of mine to do sumfink similar.So I do say for Lexie, Kolo, Arfur Brandon, Shawnee an Amish the Westie you do answer the questions beelow:

1. Wot is the favourite fing wot your pawsons and hoomans duz for you?

2. Iz time for noms, wot you eatin?

3. Duz you ave an embarassin abits?

4. Wot is your favourite animal fillum?

5. If you comin to a pawty at my ouse, wot you bringin wiv you?

Woof...Magnus Marleeson


  1. great answers Marley, I'm concerned about your squirrel obsession, Diesel and Jeep suffer from that same obsession though so I guess it's a Border thing :-)

  2. Ohhh, I gotta do dis as well? I iz rubbish at finking up questionz but I will see if I can get sum elp.
    Good ansers Marlee. Very trooful and they made my mum larf. xx

  3. Heee heee heee you did give good answers there Marley. I will answer your questions tomorrow. I bet Arf would bring a girl to a party heee heee but I shouldn't answer the questions for other people.

  4. I love your answers Marley. You do have a passion for those squirrels. It's gophers (ground squirrels) here on the prairies in Alberta Canada. You would luv them. They lives in holes in the ground and whistle. The whistle drives Zack mad as he can't figure out where the little pesky squirrels go!!!

  5. If I won the lottery I'd pay someone to THWOCK you so my paw didn't get sore.

  6. Very good answers Marley. Once Mom translated them into American for me I understood just fine. We got lots of Gray things here so me sister ( That Jack Russell Thing) says But I have not seen one yet I am TOO busy keeping the ducks out of our yard. Thaey are way cool to chase and some times I can get a whole mouth full of Tail Feathers before they get to the water. Some day I tell you Some Day. MOM gets so MAD and keeps telling me crazy stuff like how I am supposed to go after RATS NOT DUCKS! BUT THEY ARE SO FUN!

  7. Hey Marley! I just gotted back from eggsiting vakashuns in the mountains and has lots of bloggies to do bout my good times then I be answering your kweshuns, k? I lub the answers you gibbed to your kweshuns. Glad you gibbed diffrent kweshuns coz you alreddy gibbed all the good answers!

  8. Very interesting interview! And of course the pictures were perfect!


  9. *snickers* You really have a thing for squirrels, don't you?! You and squirrels sounds like me and squeaky toys. *hugs*

  10. I finished anserring your kwestshuns Marley!


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