Sunday, 20 June 2010

We be doin a visit sumwhere...

Ello for you. Yesterday we did go an see our friend Folly, who do live with the Marsdens. I fink you might remember we went on our olidays wiv dem to Cornwall last year when Folly was juss a pup.

She was so appy to see me that I did ave to run for my life....I do feel like Mr Gareff Barry runnin from the Alergain midfield....

Yikes, look at dem teef.....they even be good for nommin on the fotographer I dad....

I ad to be very careful so i did tip-toe about and try to find my way back inside wivout drawin attenshun to myself....

And my plan did work, and soon I was gettin I sum fuss from Lottie (who do be my favourit).....

...but I don't fink Folly rilly liked dat idea....

And in the confusion, poor old Lola did get on the wrong side of the door...

Of course, we did let her in agane but wot we did not kno is that she would not be very well behaved. She did see one of the cats and chased it upstairs and was barkin at it and it woz hissin back at her and there was a bot of a stand-off until the pawsons did come and separate them. All the akshull pictures of it iz in the hands of the police, but we do show you a recreation of it so you kno wot appen...

Oh dear! That did result in the humans all goin in the lounge and then we woz all on the wrong side of the door in dog jail...

We did manage to keep the typist wiv us and I did give him the "give I noms" face...

....and we did then ave some chews wot Sarah did give to us but you gotta eat em farst wiv Folly an Lola about...

We did stay for our tea and the hoomans did also ave some noms and then did watch a film (cept for the dads who was watchin more footy, as if Friday night woz not bad enuff for them). Eventually, I fink Folly did fall asleep on the floor but I did not get too close in case she was just trickin me and could pounce up...

We haz a rilly nice day and we do say fank you for our chums the Marsdens and speshully for Folly who did look after us very well. I do also say sorry for dat cat who did get involved wiv Lola.



  1. Oh my giddy aunt! dat ovva doggie dus be ooooge! Was it sittin on you? heehee

  2. What type of doggy do Folly be Marley? Naughty Lola she would be good friend for our minx Lottie who do be nicking pawsons roller boots this morning and chewing the straps till no good! Our blind lucy bunny do now live in the loft-poor lucy bunny!

  3. BOL! You had a 'ventful day my furiends! Ya used your survival instincts well my furiend, as did the cat, it seems! Trouble with da cats is...if they run...we chase 'em! Tis got to be done! BOL! Your friends look very nice indeed and you look like you did have a very good day out! Westie Licks. AnnieB

  4. For those ooo did arsk, Folly is a doggie

  5. Archie do prefer Pot noodle

  6. looks like you all had a right bizzy day!! phew!!

  7. You remember that doggie and cat photo the next time you think about givin' me a THWOCK!!

  8. Wow you did haz a big day. I think that kitteh did show who iz da boss!

  9. My anipals and I just loved looking at pictures of your visit. Looks like you had lots of fun and maybe Folly finally quieted down. Thanks for always sharing pictures
    and your adventures.

  10. What a day! The cat/dog encounter must have been wild and wooly!


  11. Cats aye, they run, we chase, and we get into trubble. Those cats are wiley critters and not to be trusted. And football, well us doggies wouldn't know much about that cos tug toys are more our game, but the hoomans down this side of the planet are jumping up and down so high that they are making the planet wobble.

  12. I duz fink that Folly duz be a giant of a doggie. You did well not to be squazhed and eeten by im Marlee.
    Catz mus be chassed by dawgies, itz the law!


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