Monday, 28 June 2010

I did go to London

Ello for you. We did got to London yesterday. This woz not our first trip to London but it was the first time we did rilly go into the middle and see bits where the familee did live before we did come along. This period is known as the years BM - Before Marley.

No one did tell me we was goin there so when we was in the car we did need to arsk where we was goin...

First we did go to a place called Brook Green. There was no brook and it wasn't much green but I did check about for pee-mail and look at the birds in case anyone did appen to kno me round there (you duzz nevver kno)..

I did get a bit worried there becos we saw two horses wiv policemen ridin on them and I did fink that maybe they had speshul police who arrested norty animals and rode them off to jail. I did not get a picture of the horses cos juss when we gonna do it some little peeple came along and did a meet-and-greet for them with speshul pat-on-head so they dint be scared of me and when I had finished the orses had been taken away for futher questioning. William grabbed hold of me to make sure I wasn't taken away by no polices...

When we had done a little walk we did go to see our friends Simon and Suzanne and their babies wot do be small. They haz a rilly nice house, but we haz to be careful cos Simon dussnt see nuffink and sumtimes he steps on my tail so I ave to be alert and watchin for him when he comin. Anyway, I did get some fuss when I arrived...

I did elp to make some sandcastles...

...and also I did elp wiv the barbecue (and did not be "goal hangin" as I was accused of by dad)...

Poor old Willium did find himself a car to drive, but he did ave a bit of a accident...

Me and Mollee did make a tent for playin in...

When we woz finished there after lunch we did go and see Oscar, who do be Willium's best friend. This involved a crazy drive fru London traffic cos we did need to get there by 3 o'clock so they pawsons could watch some football. We got here 30 seconds before the game start and we watched the football, but now we all kno how that did go and there was a bit of a mood after so that everyfing pretty much woz like dis...

I did fink I elp by gettin dad to take us to the park for a little walk. We went up and down and Lola an me did look at the river Thames which was nex to the park (which was in Putney)...

When we got back, Lola was cheeky and did try and sleep on their sofa...

Eventually we did ave to bring our bizee day to a close and go ome. But I do like it there and ere I am at the end of a long, hot day wiv all that a doggie could ask for...

Metropolitan Marley.....woof


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure for you! William in that little car made me BOL.

    *whispers* I would have been cheeky and tried to nap on that sofa, too!

  2. I be thinking that Willium better stick wif pawtekting you from the pawlice and not driving cars or you will need to be pawtekting Willium from the pawlice.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time in London. I do be off to Missoula, Montana in the big USA on July 10th. My pops is running a marathon. I be going there with my buddy the labradoodle Dylan as his dad be doing the marathon too!!!

  4. Daniela Badalan29 June 2010 at 14:48


    My name is Daniela and I’m contacting you on behalf of Dogs Trust. Could I please have your contact e-mail address?

    Many thanks,

  5. Such a very busy day. It is fun to go visiting, isn't it?


  6. I hear the queen wants to knight you. A good, solid THWOCK on each shoulder should do it.

  7. Hey Marley. What be gaol hangin? You weren't even close to that barbecue by my standards.

  8. My anipals gathered around and we read about your adventure. We always enjoy your blog.
    We're in Virginia, so it's nice to see other places.

  9. Great Blog! I just came over on the recommendation of Lexie. Love the story about going to London and the pictures too.

    Have a great day.

  10. Thawt I'd pop in and say Hi at Lexie's recommendation. She's right - your blog did give me a "giggle." Maybe you'd better have William take some lessons on driving an auto.


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