Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Gentleman in Pimlico

Ello for you. I iz doin my blog toonite cos I do ave some very excitin news for you wot haz just happened to me.

We was suprised very early this mornin when dad do take us out for early walk. We dussnt usually be out at 8 am for walkin so we kno dat sumfink was appenin. We was worried that they was plannin to go out and leaves us on our own all day. Owever, we did only be back from our walk and juss had the mud wiped from our paws whem dad is rattlin the leads again and sayin me we goin to London, wot do be the capital city.

I get in the car and cos it is 20 miles we do take our bed. Is we goin see the Queen? No? I leave her peemail instead then so she duz know we was in her nayberhood.

We gets to London and first we do go and see our friends in Shepherds Bush. This do not be too unusual and even tho has been rainin I catch up wiv pals wot do walk these streets...

Oh yes, we is hazzin a nice time there but after only one hour Lola is standin by front door whinin and sayin this cannot be wot excitment is about an we gots to get off and do sumfink else....

So we is drivin across London. This is mostly wot it do look like.... also dad was cross wiv the Queen cos she has left red christmas lights at the end of every road and dad do ave to stop and look at em until they is goin green and he get bored. We drivin for a bit til dad say me we is in Pimlico. Is highly posh part of town and we is on our best behavious....until we do see this..

Wot? Lily's Diner? Lily's Kitchen? Wot do be run by our border terrier pal Lily from the twitter?...

Oh My Dog! It do be Lily....and we duz be makin a fuss of her. And then a pretty lady do come over and say "Who do we have ere?". Dad say is Marley and Lola and I tell you I is blushin cos of the lady, right down to ends of my four paws. And then the nice lady say "Not the famuss Marley from twitter?" and I is blushin to the tips of my beard. Then she say me she is readin my blog and followin my tweets and she has a treat for me...

*mum wearin paper bag on ead again!*

She haz laid a table for lunch!! Wow, i dussn't usually get no lunch so I am very excited that I do forget my manners a little bit...

But is Ok cos I see Lily doin same fing.....

and when we haz finished we haz a look round the shop at all the pawsome noms wot Lily has got in her shop....

We did see some sophisticated London dogs who was dressed in the latest fashuns...

Phew, there was a lot and we did run around and be very excited. There was all sorts of doggies in there hazzin a look about and the treats was free and we did try wun of each sort. Then I am a bit tired and Lily did say me to try the Snooze Area...

....and while I am doin that Lily is stealin belly rubs from dad...

...and I fink she is sayin "I gib you 6 out of 10 unless you is rubbin a bit harder Mister Typist"....

...and then one of the other ladies in the shop do ask me if I would haz a belly rub on the speshul belly rubbin couch....wot is a dog to do?...

...and they was such pawsome belly rubbins that I let Lola haz a go too...

We was very sad to be leavin the ladies in the shop who was all very nice and friendly to dogs and obvioulsy they duz kno how to treat a border terrier....but we dussnt leave wivout fillin up a bag of swag to takes away wiv us for later.....

You can imagine wot do appen later when we do be gettin ome for our dinner....

...and it was so good i haz to check that there is none left at all....

And we do say you sum fings bout Lily's Diner. It do be at 30 Pimlico Road in Pimlico in London. They is open every day until 23 December from 10am to 6pm (unless you is goin Sunday when is 11am to 4pm). You can see they menu and details ere

We is recommendin you is goin, espeshully if you is a dog wiv a appetite. We do ope the nice lady wot was lookin after us will put her names in the comments so we can say ello. We did forget to arsk her when we was there...

Marley Blumenthal....woof


  1. Oh that looks so fab! Ernie is looking forward to his Lily's Diner Goody bag that he won. I just wish it was a bit closer so Ern could pop in.

  2. OMD! I has neffur seened such a wonnerful place fur dogs afore like wot Lily's be. You is so lucky to has to has gone there. How long you think it will take if'n I start swimming now? The oshun in Noo York City do not be far from here at all, then it be swimming in a strate line ofur there to London, rite? Tell Lily to set a place fur me, I is on my way...

  3. Wow, that is the best place ever!! Lily's Diner looks to be a great place. They do have doggy diners in the big cities here but not in Lethbridge. Maybe we should open one and call it Zack's Doggy Diner. Glad you had a great day out and had some wonderful looking noms.

  4. Good news my friend, I've asked the Queen to give you a royal THWOCK if she sees you.

    It's quite the honor.


  5. WOW!!! you are 2 very lucky pups. Lily's place looks great and I wish we had one here in da states like that. I do love your blog and read it as often as you update however mom iz not the best in commenting, somefin about being busy. However as I was saying, your blog ROCKS and we read it and laugh often, thanks for the smiles and some times the leaky eyes dat go wif the posts, too funny.

  6. Wow Marley thats a pretty amazing restaurant. We have nothing that sofistikated d'under.

  7. Brilliant! Lottie and Fergus do likes some tasty noms so they be a bit jealous now.

    Looks like you had a lovely time with lots of spoiling and new niffs.

  8. Wow !! It sounds like you had a perfect Sunday. Your typist does the nicest thinkgs for you and Lola!!! I love reading your Blog you always bring a smile to my face Thank you.. @soozi13 on twitter ..

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I duz be sorree about de comment above, der duz be glarin spellin miztake in it and I duz be removin it.
    Wot I did say waz dis - Marlee, you and Lola duz be vry lucky dawgiez to go to Lily's diner and me and Maggie duz be trying to tell mum and dad about it so they can take us. Did you get wuzzez az well az belly rubz?

  11. Ello Amish. We did get all sorst of attenshuns at he diner from some very nice peeple. A nice man who was there wiv his dogs did give me some tripe wot I did nivver try befor. It was the best day of my life

  12. OMD what an exciting day you had and so nice to meet Lily as well. You are very luck to be taken to special doggy resturant and they are good to have a snooze area that is important after eating.

  13. What a pawsh place you went to! I would have liked it there. I hope they give belly rubs to us bigger dogs too - I love belly rubs!

  14. Wow - get you two jetsetters gaddin about town! Dat is brilliant! I expect you decided not to put the photo up of when you buyed MA christmas present from Lily's!

  15. Woof!! I didn't know Lily had a special doggy diner!! We've seen the food at the shop where we buy my tripe.. mummy bought some of their special dinner for cats back when Lily was my sis, because it had her name on the tin!! I've not been to London yet but when I do I'm gonna make sure we call in for lunch at Lily's Diner!

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