Monday, 29 November 2010

I been to see England

Today we haz got two stories for you. We was only expectin to ave one but then sumfink excitin appened on Sunday and we did not want to wait for tellin it to you.

On Friday, I did net get nice surprise cos dad haz decided to ave the day off to sellybrate weddin anniversary. He dint say nuffink bout it but I presume he talkin of weddin to mum cos I dint see no other wives round ere (and I check in both sheds outside too in case he been stashin em there). Anyway, we done some lookin on the computer for fings to do - I say him that he do the typin and I do the finkin.

After a bit of fort (and I spect some pre-plannin for sumone), we haz decided to go to Hascombe to go for a walk which do end up at the White Hart, wot do be a pub wot has been recommended by our pal Millie the Border Terrier at We is drivin there after scrapin frost off the car and packin up our warm weather gear (gloves, at and scarf for peeple, nuffink for dogs). Although sun was shinin, do not be fooled - it was chilly.

We is runnin right off up the path after a long discusshun about correct angle for parkin the car wot I do not understand. You see how me an Lola was in danger of gettin lost in the brown leaves...

We walked up the hill for a bit to a place where we once did some mushroom pickin. At the top we did meet a nice local lady an her dogs, one of who was Hettie the border terrier. She is gibbin dad the sniff test to check he is ok (she tell me she do be smellin fluff, biskit crums, bettin slips and Old Spice)...

All the time we is walkin we is hearin funny clukkin noises and away off across the fields we is seein men firin guns. I was a bit scared cos I dussnt be wearin any no-huntin-me orange clothes as my pal Shawnee do recommend in huntin season, but I do keep my eyes open and my ears peeled for trubble...

We come across a lake, but it was frozed up and mum was yellin at me when I freaten to walk off across the ice.....I remind her I dussnt see so well wiv my catctus eyes....

Countryside is very bootiful and we is enjoyin the smells and fings of a new walk.....

After a bit, we do come across a path wot is lined wiv hundreds of oles. Lola go rummagin off in the bracken and the next fing we kno she is face to face wiv a rabbit but Mr Rabbit is very sensible and he take off across the field at high speed wiv Lola gibbin chase. 

She dussn't catch Mr Rabbit and she comes back but as she does so she is disturbin a pheasant in the bushes and now we know wot is all the clukkin we haz been hearin. You see Mr Pheasant in the sky cos dad was quick wiv da camera......

We walks for about hour and a half and we was lucky to catch this pawsome photo of where we was. Wot you dussn't see here is hundreds of fezzants wot was everywhere and do be jumpin out of every bush (usually followed by Lola) and makin mum jump....

I did try and catch up but I was always at the back of the pawty makin sure all the smells had been smelled and catalogued.....

Even the horses was enjoyin the sun on their backs but I fink mebbe their lunch was a bit frozen....

To complete our safari, we did see this horsey on his own hidin in the bushes. I fink mebbe he had finded some nice soft grass to eat....

Eventually, we did make our way to the White Horse and did make ourselves at home in the bar (they also haz a big restaurant but wivout doggies in it)....

The pub had two doggies wot did sneak about in the bar gibbin me a wide berth until dad did sneak a doggie treat to this nice lady who did eventually come over for belly rubbin and fuss....

Dad did say me he had best fish n chips for his lunch and he do say the food was very good. I check in wiv him to see if is any left wot he do not be able to finish....

Pub owner do say me I dussnt need to be bovverin dad for scraps and did show me dis....

Walk we done was walk no. 13 from this pawsome book....Footpaths for Fitness: Surrey by David Weller...  and I fink you see we is recommendin it for you.

*Trumpet fanfare by Willium*

Now we has some very excitin extra news for you. On Sunday, mum was sellin her Marley&Lola At Home doggie stuff at a local fair and a nice lady and gentleman did come over to say ello and they did recognise our names cos they do read our blog! How pawsome is dat? Well, I say for you is not as pawsome as wot come next: they sayin mum that they has adopted Rocky who do be my dad. Rocky has finished bein a *ahem* stud dog and lovely Julia at Cidermill Farm did fink he might be appier wiv a nice family to look after him so they haz adopted him to give him a furever home. Then Kate an Christian (the nice peeple) is runnin ome and comin back wiv....guess who?....

Yes, is my dad Rocky and also he is wiv Islay who is half-sisfur to me an Lola! Hurray for Kate n Christian and ello and woofs for dad and Islay. I fink you is seein where I do get my good looks from. We is also sayin ello for their doggie club wot we do unnerstand is also readin our blog.

Now we is very appy and we is goin for a nap....and we is dreamin of meetin up wiv Rocky and Islay for playin..

p.s. we haz been avim some "issues" wiv Blogger wot is bein norty wiv formattin our blog so sum of it might not look neat today. I be puttin the bitey on Mr Blogger and I haz it fixed ASAP for you.


  1. Wow that looks like such a bewtiful an fun place to go walkies. Iz glad you had fun avenshures an that iz grate news abowt your dad! *purrr*

  2. You had a nice walk and great that the Pub had some noms for dogs.
    And to see you dad again is realy nice and you both are beary good looking.

  3. I az never werked owt how to leeve a comment befaw, even wen I did meet yor dad. Anuver wunderful bloggy Marley an ow egsyting that yor mum met Rocky. Woz that at the fair at Beaconsfield? I duz ave to say this iz the best reed ov the week for me an dad. Fank you.

  4. OMD, so much eggsitements at one time! My brane do be in overload. I still cannot get ofur the fact that dogs be allowed in pubs there and even has their own menu?!?!?! So unfair that we duss not has that ofur her in the USA (wot duss stand fur NO DOGS ALLOWED but they got the letters wrong). Hey, did you hear me gibs you a woofout ofur the oshun while you woz so bizzy hasing eggsitements? It do be on my bloggie from Sunday.

  5. OMC - those are bootiful pictures. You had a great day. I am very impressed by the pub dat even has a doggie menu. You'd never find anything like dat in the states.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful walk followed by a stop for a brewski and lunch - Good ol' England. Wish they had that here. That's great you met up with ya dad - he is very handsome.

  7. Looks like you both had a great day! I want to go to a doggy pub!

  8. OMD! That was a great walk and endin' up at the pub was just purrfect. I do likes that they have a Dog Menu; how fabulous is that?!

    Iz also glad you got to see your dad, Rocky. That looked like a nice family reunion.
    xxx Oz

  9. Wow that's cool that your Dad has gone to a cool forever home. You're as smooth looking as him Marley.

  10. What a fantastic walk. Lots to sniff & chase - they're the best walks!

    I think all pubs should be doggie friendly unless they opt out. Why should the humans have all the fun? The White Horse has the right idea.

    How amazing to meet your fur-dad and half sis-fur. You did have a great day. I bet you were really tired after all that.

  11. Archie and Lottie13 December 2010 at 16:49

    "dad did sneak a doggie treat to this nice lady who did eventually come over for belly rubbin and fuss...." No wonder the landlady allows dogs in her pub if their humans do give her a treat followed by a belly rub and fuss!!!
    If our dad did that mum would not be celebrating any more aniversaries with him!

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