Friday, 5 November 2010

A bizee week

Ello for you. Wot do be appenin? tell me later.

Last weekend we done two fings I tell you about. First we went to Wimbledon where peeple be playin tennis. But we did only go to a park and not to the big tennis place. However, some peeple was playin tennis in the park and we did watch em....

...but sum of them woz not very good so I lefted some advice for them on the message board....

On the nex day we did go for a walk on Headley Heath, where we do go most days. Only the day before, I had been tellin my pal Shawnee about the cows we do see there sumtimes and then look wot we did see as if by magic...

....we did watch em for a bit but we ad to leave after a few minnits cos they did start the roody fings...

....after such a bizee weekend, we was very tired and me an Lola did relax by the fire and play at "Centipede"...

...but I wasn't finkin and I did get the wrong the next day I did ask dad if I could share his curry... now I haz the "ammunition"  for next time we play an I make sure I get the right end...nex day was excitin one cos we was sendin  Dad to London on a misshun to see one of our best pals. He follow usual trip to werk but he did see this on the bus... was a misstery and no one was willin to move it even tho the bus was packed. Sumone say me it might haz been a German tourist reservin their seat for later...but I say nuffink bout that.

Anyway, dat afternoon he did go to Hyde Park where he did meet bootiful dog-about-town @bridietheborder...

...and she did show him how to find squirrels in the trees there. She did also bring a very nice present for me...

....she say it was also for Lola, but I fink that was a mistake and she dint mean it.

As if that wasn't enuff excitement for one week, next day was Willium's burfday and we did get for him a copy of new book by our great pal @henryandfriends...

...and he has not stopped larffin bout it yet. He was also given speshul massage dog.....and i may haz borrowed it for testin...

....and it has werked and so I did end this week's blog wiv a little nap...

..and I do be seein you next week I ope.

Bizee Marley....woof


  1. centipede! he he! Ern wishes he had a sister.

  2. You did has such an eggsiting week! No wonner I skeered of the cows, they be so noggty. And you do be so sweet about that commenty you lefted. If'n heaben furbid anything bad happens, you and Lola comes on ofur. Mom won't mind. Oh and Happy Birfday to Willium!

  3. you haz such a bizy life an then you get good noms too. Lucky doggys! xxox

  4. Wow, you did have a busy week. When I lived in England I always wanted to go to Wimbeldon. You is very lucky there Marley. Zack too would have added a message to the message board... LOL.

  5. Rumblemum thinks you look like an angel in the last photo... I tell her the best way to keep you napping is to give you a good THWOCK!

    Thank you so much for your kind words for Inigo, both on Twitter and on our blog. It's been a hard time for Rumblemum and you really brightened her day. (ok so I guess I'll for-go the THWOCK since you cheered her up...*grumble*)

  6. Wow what can I say that was a busy week, so many things, cows, curry, Henry's book, Lola making a mistake (who would have thought)! Your life is too busy for an out of town baboon to comprehend.

  7. Heehee impawtant tip: always take the front of the pantomime cow! Bridie is so cute ;)). I knew she wud be but then she is a border :)). Lovely bloggy ma sweet boy.

  8. Good job Lola didn't have the curry before you were at the back of the centipede!

    What a fun packed week you had.

    Glad you finished it with a nice relaxing massage & snooze. It's called a massage dog for a reason - definitely meant for you and not Willium (unless of course he uses it on you!).


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