Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Jeepers Peepers

Ello for you my pals. First, I do say fanks for all dem nice messages wot peeple has been sendin me since Friday when I did go ospital for my cataracts operayshun. I haz been overwhelmed wiv everyfing peeple woz sayin and I ope I haz managed to keep up wiv you all. I do apologise if you din't hear from me.

Anyway, I was taked to vets on Friday afternoon cos they do like you to sepnd the night there before the operayshun.......

...is called Stone Lion Vets and is in Wimbledon. I fink you see where it get its name from....but, uh oh, before I go mum say me she is worried I might get all my fur in the way of my eyes so she strip me...

....but she is only doin my ead and not da rest of me so I am not appy....grrrr....anyway, peeple was worried in case I do spend the night in a cage wiv no foods and no loves but the nurses say me I am too luvvly for that and they keps me wiv them watchin telly on Friday night....and I fink you see wot sorts of peeple they is and wot sort of meddysin they is dispensin there...

...so I am recommendin em quite highly.....and operation is on Saturday and is great success and now I haz two new laser sights fitted and them squirrels is gonna be gettin some of they own meddysin when I get ome...

....mum and dad pick me up Saturday evenin and I do be very wobbly and duz not rilly know who I am or where I be....and I haz to be wearin some fancy boots to stop me scratchin my new eyes...

...but they dussnt last very long cos I be chewin em off....dad say this is cos they is dark blue (Chelsea) and not sky blue (Manchester City)...but I get ome to find lots of very nice cards and fings....includin this one from my pal Enry....

...wot do make me feel better....altho I dussnt fink I am quite wiv it yet cos dad say me Man City is top of Premier League so I am assumin the vet has overdone the annasfettic...I do spend the day snoozin tryin to shake of the effects...

...and hazzin to wear cone of shame cos I did bite off my boots....and I do not fink is my best look...

..altho I fink you see I did eventually get outside for a walks in the garden in my comy new harness...I iz not allowed to do any exercise or barkin or playin or fings like dat cos pressure on my eyeoles can undo good work of the nice vet wot did fix me up...I am not sure I am too appy about dat....

....but at least I am gettin to sleep upstairs wiv mum and dad in the big bed so they can keeps eye on me an Lola dussnt be gibbin me trubble or tryin to lick my face or anyfing...and also I am gettin plenty of nice Lily's Diner noms cos is very helpful to ave me take tablets (pain killers and auntybiotics) and also as bribin for avin eyedrops wot I do ave to ave 16 times a day....pfffft.

Today I do be feelin much better and haz gots my mojo back. I soon be back on dooty  and squirrels has already decide to go ibernatin cos they know is trubble ahead for them.

Marley Austin...Six Million Dollar Dog.....woof


  1. Aww Marlee, it iz so nice to see yoo up and about so soon. I duz like yoor bootees, you culd have worn dem in de snow to stop yoo gettin cold feet.
    Mum duz call yoor cone of shame, an Eester Bonnet, I did hav wun wen they chopped my bits off but mine did have yello pawprintz on. Did make me look stoopid!
    Dem skwirrels had betta wotch out eh?

  2. Marley I iz so happy for your noo eyez! It duz sownd vary trawmatiks to haz surjry an Iz hoping you duzn't haz to ware teh cone of shame furry long *softpaw*

  3. You have been through alot there Marley. Glad the old peepholes are working again and you are getting better. Drink in all the extra luv. When you are back to normal, the squirrels in your garden better watch out as they will be in dire jeopardy. A whole new view of life - oh boy!!! Have fun!!!

  4. Oh, Marleee...iz so glad your surgerees went very well. I do hope you dont have to wear da cone of shame for too long! I do hate that thing when I has to wear it.

    Anyfur, sounds like you are getting lots of love and attenshuns, which is excellent. I hope you will be back to hunting squirrels very soon.
    Your furiend, Oz XXX

  5. You know, that cone of shame duss has its advantages. If'n you slam it down on the ground in front of you, it collects all the wonnerful scents and sends them rite up the funnull into your nose. It do be furry kewly once you git the hang of it. It also be fun to play Rambo with it and run rite into the back of the hooman's legs and hear them scream OWIE, BOL! So glad to hear your operashuns went well. Can you see me better now?

  6. Get well soon my freind!
    *hugs* Berkeley

  7. Beulah SnortlySnortface Bulldog says to send her best wishes for a quick recovery. She would type it herself, but she is snoozing, a sport in which she has several gold medals in international competition.

  8. Marley! You are a brave boy & we are all so thrilled it all went well. I will come see you tomorrow! Miaows from the KC (killer cat...) and love from all of us xxxxxxx

  9. Ello Marley. Shame the vet did put the wrong colour boots on yoo! Bol, maybe they need elp wiv their eyes too.
    The cone of shame is so annoying, i kept bashing into fings and I not sure dat elps much. But, if theres a dog dat can pull it off, it would be yoo!
    I likes yoos harness too, looks like a comfy one.
    Now yoo make sure yoo dont over do it my pal, yoo keep resting and making sure yoo get the best place on the bed!
    Gentle wuzzles, Missy Moo

  10. Thats great news about your new peepers Marley. Wot - no barking - heck bet ya gonna get bark buildup, its gonna have to come out eventually, woulna wanna be a squirrel when that happens.

  11. Marley what a journey !! Glad you had such lovely Nurses too ! So excited for you; wait till the squirrels find out U are now a laser-man !!! With new eyes !! Woot Woot ! As for Ur cone = not a cone of shame = Cone of Couture !!! *look fierce, strike a pose and strut* Check this out= History of the Vet Cone Collar BOL !http://www.anipaltimes.com/2010/06/origin-of-the-cone/
    Love & HUGS Marley !! XXXX

  12. Lottie and Fergus send wags and wiggles and we all finks you is very brave. Must be lovely to have shiney new peepers to peeps thru.

    Hopes you is back to barkies and squirrel watch soon.


  13. Marley you rock the cone...lookin good. So happy to hear you are doing well. Oh and the extra nice noms...yummy. Keep u the good recovery I will check back often on your updates, again my friend...looking good.


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