Sunday, 30 January 2011

Two weeks of nuffing

Ello for you...*sigh*...I been doin nuffink......*sigh* say me I am not allowed to do anyfing cos of my eyes which might fall out or explode or sumfing if I so much as breeve too we been doin a lot of this...

and then when dat gets borin we do this.....just for a change.....

...evenetually peeple did say me it was Ok to go into the garden....but I got to take my cone wiv me an also wear stoopid harness so typists and ovver helpers make sure I dussnt be runnin or jumpin or nuffing....

I dussnt like I close my eyes and pretend typist is not there......

[Typist note: we suspect Marley was having difficulty dealing with the light because his pupils were still quite dilated at this stage]

.....he fink he kno best....and this generate row between me an Lola....wot I do win.....but I end up not talkin to the Dog Wiv No Brane.....

...and I send her inside to do time ......and finks about her crime.....

...but even tho vet did say me it is impawtant to look after my eyes I am gettin might bored of it...and I do say that dog services is cancelled on this line for the rest of the day and animal replacement service will operate in both direkshuns....

....whilst I continue to look like a dog's head in a popcorn bucket....

Boooooo......Bored Marley.....x

p.s. Cone is orange....not pink.....definitely NOT pink


  1. Sorry to giggle Marl but the 'dogs head in a popcorn bucket' really made me ROFL. Hope you recover soon. *snigger* bless ya.

  2. Archie and Lottie30 January 2011 at 10:05

    Chill marley it will be worth it. Archie is not well either and we are worried about him.

  3. You will be really good at doing nuffing soon! Best to keep doing the nuffings because I don't think it would be very nice if your eyes popped out or exploded. And you won't have to wear that nice p.. orange lampshade for much longer now. xx Teagan xx
    PS Thank you for not having those horrid word thingies, we are no good at figuring out what the words are!

  4. Its been a long stretch in Cone Pokey,Babes!!!

  5. Nice shade of manly pink, errr I mean, orange, Marley. Hopefully you won't has the cone of shame on much longer. I say make Lola wear it when you be done with it, BOL. But I must woof in her defense that it duss look like she be doing a fine job of keeping you warm with the snuggles during your convalescence.

  6. You are so darn cute pal. Sorry you are stuck to dat pinkie -eeeerrr - orange cone. Pretty soon this will be all behind you and you can run and play again.

  7. Hope you get the all-clear from the Vet soon so the lampshade can go & you can start running & jumping. Watch out squirrels & birds!

  8. Dat picture of you an Lola is too funny. As jellus as I can be dat of my mom's spending too much attenshun on other BTs I genuinely do ope you are runnin around again soon an goin on advensures. Oh an dat yer eyes do not xplode. :-(

    Woofs from Canada,

    Zoe the border

    P.S. My Dad says those nurses do look pretty. (Oh, Dad, how umilatin! *puts paws ovr my eyes*)

  9. You're doing a grand job of maintaining your dignity Marley, even if Lola does call you bucket head.

  10. Now, I do be finding this a bit late...Blame the hoomuns! Was that colourful cone and doing noffing worth it, just a little bit, cos yoo do have amazing new eyes, dat didnt explode and can now keep sneaky eye on lola and all hoomun action at anytime! Missy Moo

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