Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stop Press!!

Ello for you. I did blog update this mornin (you scroll down a bit to see it) and then I done find anuvver luvvly messij in our peemail inbox from the peeple at Stone Lion Vet Ospital wot dun my eyes.....

Whis dem peeple wiv me I ear you arsk....You is lookin at Tessa and Louise the nurses and Frankie the border terrier and Lottie the border terrier x jack russell. Tessa did say me they enjoyed my company lots and were very pleased I came to have a sleepover at Stonelion. I do say same for them an also I do say speshul fanks for all the staff there wot did be lookin after me an my pals. I do be seein you all on Monday and I do say you tell mum to take off da cone and take me for walkies....

Hurray for Stone Lion and hooray for my new eyes....

Marley....friend of vets and nurses.....x


  1. Awe that is a nice post, you look wonderful, no pun intended, BOL...the people there look nice too...I really believe the cone is orange but it does look pink. You do be healing nicely and now i can breathe a sigh of relief, pal Marley is ok and looking good. (notice how many times i said look, heeheheh)

  2. Wonderful post. It's so wonderful that there are people in the world to take care of us when we need it... Happy Day... and hooray for your new eyes.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Iz so happy you had those nize peeples to fix your eyez up, an youz gonna be feeling all betters rill soon *softpaw*

  4. I is so happy everything went well - well, except for having to be a cone head! They look like very lovely, caring staff at your vet. (I shudder even at hearing the word VET!)

  5. Are you sure you went to the hospital? It looks like a terrier convention to me. (Do you really need to wear the lampshade or is it just a joke by typist?)

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