Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Paws for Japan

Oh deer, I fink you has seed all the orrid fings wot be appenin in Japan in last week or so. I dussnt say no more about that cos I kno that is said much beter in other places.

Our pal Pandora has brung sumfing to our attenshun about wot we might do to elp. On Thursday March 17 (that be tomorrow) we will pawticipayte in "Paws for Japan"  effort to elp rmake munee for World Vets, a group  that iz werking to elp anipals affected by the earthshake an soonarmee in Japan.

All you haz to do to pawticipayte iz blog or tweet or FB abowt wot is appenin an makin munee for da anipals. You can keep up wiv their werks here and be sendin em munee here

If you got a little blog like me you can find  more informayshun an get a badge for youre blog at Paws for Japan.

Lets help, one paw at a time...

Marley & Lola....woof


  1. So happy you jumped on the bandwagon too sweetie. I can't wait to start tweeting about it too tomorrow. I hope we can raise lots of money for the anipals in Japan.

  2. I has just done my bloggy post... not too late I hope.

  3. Hi Marley! Wasn't the blog hop/ twitter pawty just super? So many folks helping World Vets!!

    See ya soon on twitter!


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