Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wot you haz to lern about fings

Ello for you. It do be me, Marley. I fink mebbe if you is reading the blog reggly then you do kno it be about 97 pawcent about me and 2 pawcent bout general informayshuns and 1 paw cent bout Lola (accidents do appen). Today, i do be bringing you a blog wot do not be about me cos today we do be talking about animal rescue. I fink most of you do kno that rescue be an impawtant find for animals in trubble or who ave had a change in they circumstances wot ave taken em by surprise.

Today, we do be focusing in mostly on poor spessymins who needs rescuing from theyselves....for eggsample, wot you fink we can do for this dood?

....i fink Newton's pal ave lost his mind. He ave been redoosed to finding a gurlfrend for his squirrelly pal....

....and it ave all gone to Newton's brane and he fink he be king of da universe .....

Wake up Newton's pal!! You has been lost to us but we will rescue you....

Now, ere the boot do be on the other paw....and it is Price da Beagle who need to be rescued from an intrusive exammynayshun by his dentist....

...and this puss ave a very pawsistent pawdicurist....

....and a hairdresser who ave decided not to take noes for an answer....

Readers: rescue dese pals from rood staff.

Some animals is forced into life of domestic slavery....hooverin


...providin entertainments for your parties...

....rearin yore children's....

Rescue animals enslaved by modern life.

I fink that do be snuff for da weekend. Back to normal bloggin about impawtant stuff (me) and everyfing else (Lola) later.

Woof.........Marley....the forth mergencee service...


  1. Ello for you Marley. You must spend a lot of time on You Tube ;oP have a great Weekend. Keep a look out for squirls and crumbs.

  2. Fabulous 4Legs, 2Legs (and other!) friends - fear yee not....Brother Barnie here!!! responding to a call to the "forth mergencee service" Terrier 'Fast Response' Team, donning my "Help the poor spessymins who needs rescuing from theyselves" hat, surgical paw pads, hunting stealth-a-scope, and the Border Bring along a Bone Terrier Teeth Tool - let the Battle Begin! x

  3. Love the 'how to stop a baby crying' one. I have a few friends who have had babies recently, must tell them about it :p

  4. Cute Video's Marley. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Eddie the Border21 April 2012 at 15:20

    dis be a good blog marlee. de poor animals are practilly slaves! you is good at raisin awareness.

  6. Oh boy Marley those are poor specimens indeed. We need to campaign for their rescue!

  7. Wate a minit, back up to that furst one, a skwerrel in the HOUSE! OMD, it be a dream come true!

  8. Yes, it's very important to rescue animals! *snickers* Loved the videos.

    Thanks SO MUCH for the donation to my Mutt Strut! *big Buttons hugs*


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