Monday, 26 August 2013

It's a holiday they tell me...

Hello my was a bank holiday in the UK....that's right a H O L I D A Y!!! That's a day off isn't it? From work? No work...all day....

...Miss Lola certainly has the right idea....a day off...begun with a nap...maybe I should wake her before mum wakes up...

....but...oh dear...look where I am...can you guess? Yes, that's right....I'm with the typist on the way to *whisper* WORK....

....they have a very poor Tv in the office....i watched it for ages...but there was nothing on....

....i tried to keep the typist's spirits up and kept him fuelled with, how does this work?

....well, that seems to be ok....

....we did a few important conference calls...

.....we ploughed our way through hundreds of e-mails.....

...I watched the people enjoying the sun on their holiday....stuck in the world's tallest prison.... mid afternoon I was starting to lose the plot a bit...."Giddy Up!!" it time to go home yet?...hmmm?.... anyone asks, I was never here....

Clapton, No Fixed Abode...


  1. BOL what a busy day you are having. You know who has the right idea on how to spend a holiday, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. If'n it woz a howliday, then why woz you at the werk place, Clapton? I think that Lola has the howliday stuff down pat.

  3. Is this an example of that ... No rest fur the weary ...????

  4. What a great holiday. Now how come your human was working if it was a holiday? Tell her to take time to smell the roses in life. he he - I don't know what that means, but M told me to say it.

  5. Eek! Stay away fwum da lite Clapton! Clapton? Clapton? Oh deer! *sigh*

  6. I want to play on da photocopier too!! You is such a busy pal, you need to rest and recover your strength for playing, nomming and wot not!

  7. It's good that you did go into work with your dad if he was stuck there all day! I think he owes you one!

  8. It wasn't a holiday north of Hadrian's wall, but we had a nice day anyway (not sure my typist ever does any work to be honest)

  9. BOL Clapton...was that you riding the stapler like it was a valiant steed?!? I cannot believe you went to work for the whole day when everyone else had the day off. Ridiculous!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. All that fetchin n carrying Clapton, I hope you've 'gotiated a good hourly rate of noms.
    psssssst, did ya photocopy ya butt too?

  11. Errr I say Clapton! I ope you didn't photocopy noffink erm ... you know .. cheeky! heehee


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