Monday, 5 October 2009


We have been to Chesterfield again to see Grandma and the others. You will remember that we have a new furriend there called Dexter who is also a border terrier and is a puppy.

Dexter did come and see us on Saturday cos he is now old enuff and has had his hinjections at the vet. Daddy did try and get some pictures of him but he moves so fast that it wos difficult. See what I mean....

...he is a speed machine....

When we finally managed to get him to move at somefink like a sensible speed he did chase Lola around the garden and bark is 'ead off...a lot...

He did do it so much that Lola had to hide behind the wooden bench. We are now checkin' her pedigree for CHICKEN! Ha, wot a wuss...

Eventually, Dexter did run out of steam. I phink that was because Lola did coax him to the pond for a drink and then e fell in.

Lola did think this was very funny. We 'ad reports later that Dexter went 'ome and fell asleep for hours. He 'ave used up so much energy runnin' and barkin' wiv Lola that I do not be surprised. Here I am doin' me impression of Dexter...

Marley Brother of Chickens .. woof


  1. Think that's a really great impression of Dexter:)and yeap, Dexter is a really speedy lil fella :)

  2. You knows wot they say, "A tired dawg is a good dawg."

    (Pee Ess - my orange vest has reflective stuff around the edge so I glows in the dark - would be purfect for your nite walkies!)

  3. High speed dogs there

  4. yes Dexter is a very speedy dog.And he does bark a lot! from William's couson Isobel


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