Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ower frend Henry (an is frens aswell)

Today we have to tell you about Henry, who is a bear what lives on twitta (and in the New Forest sometimes). He has always looked after me and Lola there and I have realised that he is really a sage for our age. Here is some of the things that he says.....if you reads out his words in your 'ead then you will know what he is talkin about)...

Every day is a good day for Henry and he is always optimistik: "... skip .... skip .... skip ... skip .... skip ... ello for evrrywun .... skip ... skip ... skip ... skip .... skip ....". He skips everday until bed time. Here he is in the middle with his friends

And of course he does not forget us all when he goes to bed: "i is gowin now an i wil leev yoo al wiv song .... ♫♫♫ reech owt an tuch sumboddis and ♫♫ ... mayk th werld a betta playss if yoo can". Which really is Henry's view at all times. And he lets us know where he is in case we need him: "i can smell my dinna now so it do meen is cookd. i wil gow an com bak agin layta ... skip ... skip ... skip ... skip ... skip ... skip ..."

He is always quick to offer advice...."@indykitty i shor yoo dussnt fink it do be fare yoo dint av ot dog indy. but yoo av remba that they dussnt be for kittis.. strokes.. strokes" and remembers to keeep it practical at all times: "@Kolo_Martin i fink yoo shud arsk dentist to giv yoo munny for waystid time an stressis kolo. i fink persun shud av choklit. that wil elp" and "@Fergusthedog i fink evrryday do be berfday fergus cos evrry day do be werf selbraytin ... strokes ... strokes ... strokes .."

He replies to every tweet that he gets (and he knows lots of people): "@pntbtrkisses ello pbk .. littl strokes ..fank yoo for sayin me appy teddy tewsday. i did av gud day an my frend did com visit in arftanoon."

He never forgets his freinds: "@schnille ello mooki .. littl strokes .. littl strokes ... skrash ... i wos ownly finkin bowt yoo tooday an ere yoo is. we is al avin funs"

And he always makes sure to welcome newcomers: "@EliotTheBad @ThisStarChild did say me bowt yoo so i sayin ello an welcom to twitta. i say bowt yoo to my frends an arsk them say ello aswel" and that is because "@gcgreg fank yoo for sayin. we do tray ard to mayk werld a betta playss by beein appy an bringin sunshines an larfta for evrrywun eech day" and it's difficult to argue with that isn't it. It's because of the way he is made: "@Mydogshadowblog ello agin shado an emly. aktly i dussnt be stuffd wiv kaypok. i stuffd wiv luvs an uggs cuddls an snuggls wisdoms an larfta".

Here is an example of that: "i did sing bowt roodolf cos if yoo is appy inside yoo at crissmus be appy inside al th time an then evrry day wil be like crissmuss".

He is our social secretary: "for my frends hoo mite not no yet ... is bestist news ... @poppy_dog an @hanseebundee do be gettin marrid at novemba pawpawty" and also our weather man: "@DylanandCo ello dillun ... strokes ... strokes ... if do be raynin lots ere aswel an we dussnt gow owt niver tooday" and "@FeeFlops we do av rayn tooday aswel feeliks an we dussnt be gowin owt niver. it do be dry an sunny indors wiv us ere ... strokes .. strokes" "@marleyterrier ssssh marly ... i dussnt say nuffing to gramma .. strokes .. strokes .. i hope yoo av sum sunshines cos we do av wind an rayn"

Here he is wiv my great frend Kolo Martin, spreadin sunshines...

He likes to keep us up to date with what he is eating: "@stwood1953 i dussnt drink coffeee soosun i do drink milk. is nise an it do be gud for me aswel. i likes it ot an kold aswel" and "@Petiethecat ello peti ... strokes ... strokes ... i dussnt be vejaryun. i do like chikkin an terky an fish an beef an lam an sumtimes pork" but usually beacuse he wants to share it with us: "@GeorgeTheDuck ere do be bowl for yoo jorj an i did sprinkly wiv cripsy werms aswel for yoo ...." and in the mornin he says "@pntbtrkisses ello pbk ... littl strokes ... ow is yoo dooin. i wil av brekfust soon. wud yoo like sum toste. i is avin unny on it tooday"

There are some themes to his tweets. This is the one I like the best: "@spicythecat ello spysy ... strokes ... strokes ... i dint av chans to say beefor. yoo is rite th ise creem wos reely yummy". And "@jedbramwell no jed it dint be no betta cos we did av choklit sors an nuts on th ise creem. it wos dlishus" and "@GeorgeTheDuck i glad yoo did mayk it jorj. wud yoo like sum food or sum werm ise creem" and ".. if yoo dussnt be gud swimma yoo stay be edj an jus paddl ... we do av foods an drinks an i did bring ise creem asweel .... #truck"

He is a very talented bear: "@ASnuffleupagus i do sum rappin for my frens/sayin my werds til i get to th end/if i dunt no wot to say/i giv them my wishis for a gud day" and "@Missymitten if mama do be feelin sad missy shal i sing song for er or say a storey to mayk er smile. or i cud say a joke. i do ownly no wun". But he knows his limitations: "@pasikas an aswel i say fank yoo for followin me. do yoo do skippin aswel. i like skippin but dussnt be gud wiv big jumps cos i is littl"

See what he can do....

Every week he takes us out in his "....... vrooooom ............ vroooom ............... vrooom .................... vrooom ..................... vrooom ........ #truck".

Bestest of all is that he is my freind and looks after me: "@marleyterrier o deer marly that do be long time to wayt for foods. i wud be ungry intween i fink ... av nuvva treet ... strokes ... strokes" and "@marleyterrier @Dogstoyevsky see ... it do be alrite for us to be skared of fings. we do jus av lern ow to deel wiv it .. strokes .. strokes"

So we say THANK YOU for Henry. His frends luv him so much that he has been awarded a medal for bein number 1 by Morris the cat..

Marley, friend of Henry


  1. Henry is the bestest bear evva! I luv how he calls me Shorny - is so cute and always makes my tail wag.

  2. I dussnt know enry for very long yet but I knows dat is a wuderful bear and very veeeeeeery clever wiv wise words. He is like Solomon. I's glad to know im

  3. That's a nice portrait of Henry! It's nice to see rose in your blog too! She will be very proud when she learns that her picture is in a blog.

  4. Dat's a great blog bout Henry :) Agree wif evrythng you sed and thnk evrybdy who knows him agrees:)

    Henry is wut a teddy bear shud b:)He always makes me smile & always cares bout uthrs & nvr has a nasty or mean thng 2 say bout anybdy. He always ther 2 comfrt wen sumbdy needs comfrtng. Wish ther wer lottsa Henry in da wrld cos wud b nicer wrld:)

    I, like u feel vry 42nat 2 hav Henry as my frend:):) Pssst.... u2 Marley and Lola :)

  5. I agree! Henry is a great bear and you did a great blog post about him. I say THANK YOU for Henry too!

  6. since momma found twitter and all you anipals, our lives have been enriched!
    So many anipals, so special in each their own way.
    Henry is 10 times more special than even this wonderful blog protrays him.
    Thanks for writing it...
    Its a joy to know you all!!

  7. *claps paws for Marley's great writing and for Henry* It made us so happy to read that! Thank you both for being Marley and Henry.


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